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Changes to Foundation

Good luck Happy

I like the name you've chosen. Positive vibes :bliss:
I haven'#t heard of a change to an intake every 4 weeks, but it could be possible. Doesn't make too much sense to me though because it wouldn't be financially viable for the LLC if the groups are too small. I suppose people would just join in
to groups every month?
Sometimes having to wait a while to start can help with the motivation and gives time to get your head into gear before you start.
Welcome and good luck.
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I haven't heard about the new intakes every 4 weeks, will LLC on Friday.
I had to wait 5 weeks from my info meeting to starting foundation!! Gave me a lot of time to focus on what I was actually letting myself in for and it was good preparation time, gradually cutting down on my food/carb intake.
Thank you both. I shall find out in due course about the changes. To tell the truth I think I am just stressing about what I am about to embark on. I had the choice of starting in one week or three weeks and I went for the three weeks and now I feel I have changed my mind and want to ask if there is a place next week!! :rolleyes:
I am usually quite decisive!! I have been cutting down on carbs, cutting out caffeine and drinking more water. Maybe that's why I feel so undecided about starting dates?!? :confused:
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I was told a few months ago that Foundation is now going to be a rolling programme and people will join it groups at any time. No more closed groups after three weeks, which has its good and bad points I think!
Thanks Poppysparkle. I was told that new people could join every 4 weeks. I wonder how that will work. I would imagine that the therapy sessions build on what has been covered in previous weeks so how do you cope if you join on week 4?
No doubt I will find out :) I'm just concerned that I miss out on something fundamental. I eat for every reason imaginable!!!!!!
I don't think it will be as helpful. I've been in a group that had 2 more groups start with us and we have a difference of 4 weeks between us. I thankfully was in the first part with 6 of us and we're now down to 2, then 2 weeks later 2 people started who have now left, then 2 weeks later 3 more and that's down to 2 of them. So we're "not on the same page" really, although I have not let this bother me and have stayed positive throughout. We've not communicated out of class but I look on this site and another site for inspiration (I love the before and after pictures - beats words for me) and although don't say much it does help me tremendously to pop in each day to see how people are doing, ideas, etc. Thanks by the way!!


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Happydays don't worry about asking to start earlier....if the LLC has a space then it's no real hassle for her. Once you are in the right mindset of wanting to do this I think its worth getting started unless of course you have party's or occaisions occuring in the next couple of weeks that you don't want to miss. Sometimes by putting things off it just gives you more time to worry about it although of course this is a huge commitment so you need to be sure! :)

Hope it helps x

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