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Changing from LL to CD!

Have been on LL for Blah Blah weeks (ticker not up to date) and have thought long and hard about changing to CD. Disillusioned about LL "counselling"; from what I've seen think personally can be a bit dangerous for some people as some group members have obvious long term eating disorders (which isn't picked up on because they're not clinical psychologists) and made to feel guilty about food and eating in general and if they cheat, God forbid they're the devil incarnate!

Have talked to some collegues in Clinical Pscychology and it's a bit of a talking point at the moment.

Anyway, am leaning towards CD; what do you think?
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I did LL a couple of years ago, lost the weight but never been good about talking in a public group like that. Our sessions were taken over by a lady who was very loud and was all me me me! Prefer Cd, half the price and 1 to 1 sessions. Also CD manufacture for LL, so the shakes are very similar.
Do what's best for you, you have lost 23lb so far, so your'e doing something right.
Thanks for that but there's a bit of me that thinks am failing LL and should just stick to it; but on the other hand all I do is question the "CBT" that just annoys the hell out of me and am passing my feelings about it to the rest of the group. There was a certain incident the other week about one of our group who is obviously very vulnerable, and has had massive issues for many years. Understandably, we all felt for her, but I was very angry about the feedback she got from our "leader". She was just made to feel more guilty about food, and that's not what therapy is about. Yes, sometimes in therapy you're gonna feel worse before you feel better, but in a controlled group you're made aware of these things. And you are never made to feel guilty about anything you've may or may not have done.

Why aren't we allowed to talk about food in group when that's the reason we're all there in the first place. The point of group therapy in my experience is to confront issues,no matter how painful.


CW Consultant
With all the money you save doing CD you could pay for one on one CBT if you feel the group sessions aren't working for you.

You Deffinately aren't giving up or failing you are just reassessing your options, lol.

You could always try W8, they get Spag Bol for din dins, lucky things!


nearly there!! :)
im on ll and am loving the cbt part and i no i dont have an eating disorder. my classes sound so diff from urs though maybe its the llc in general. any chance u could change group?
but then everyones dif and if u really dont feel ll is doing what u want it to do then id def say change hunni. diff things work for diff people!!
I didnt choose LL for the councelling alone and I heard that some of the councelling could be inappropriate. Plus at 60quid i flat out refused to pay it!

I have been doing CD for 7 weeks and love it and really enjoy my 1-1 sessions with my cd and can chat to her about any issues i have. The cd has a much better range then ll as well.
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I did LL last year but personally found the "counselling" a total waste of time! The "counselling" is free - hmmm is that so people like me don't demand money back due to receiving no benefit whatsoever from the "counselling"! I also think some "counsellors" go way above what they should - they are not, in my opinion, fully qualified to give "counselling". In actual fact the one I had had never been fat nor had she ever had an issue with food! She was also very regimental - doing everything by the book! No at all what I expected. I personally would change to CD. I am sure you will get to goal whatever you chose and wish you the very best of luck
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I started out on LL and was very disappointed with the CBT - which in the main was a DVD then a quick talk by the LLC and the group. It always bothered me that a can of worms could be opened up for someone with serious issues and then BANG it's time to go home. I changed to CD mainly because of price - but also found the 1:1 approach more hlepful.

Each to their own and as with CDC's, there are many different types of LLC .... so if yours doesn't work for you, either try another one if you want to stay with LL or try CD. Good luck either way!
I don't think your failing swapping from LL to CD, what I will say is that you don't always get 1:1 with the CDC and ensure that you get a CDC you can talk to. I've been lucky with mine, but have changed to LL for the CBT and the extra discipline. Wish you well whatever you choose.

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