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I`ve just bought myself some new scales, the ones that tell you water/fat/muscle mass.
They come on Monday, but i`m panicking that this will alter my weigh in`s.
I`ve been trying everyone`s scales out and the difference can be as much as a stone either way.
Dont know whether to weigh myself on new ones and start at that weight or to use my old ones and take off the difference in scales each week
(this is only a prob if the new ones say i`m more than the old ones...lol)

Anyone else changed scales and had a prob???
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When your new ones arrive, weigh your self on the old ones, put the new ones in their place and weigh yourself again. If there is a difference you will know that it is not a gain or a loss, just a difference in the callibration

Hi there. I have just posted a thread myself about scales and got a pretty helpful reply.
I dont go for weigh ins at w/w. So i paid for some new w/w scales. They weigh me different depending on where on them i am standing! so i have decided to weigh myself at home and at the gym. them scales at the gym are always in the same place. And by doing that I will know where I am up to (in theory) The scales at my boyfriends house always weigh differently to. it gets obsesive :-(
I feel your confusion hunny, I think many of us will :-S x x x
Id go with the new ones personally - especially if they are going to give you better figures, then start a fresh, rather than having to add and subtrack numbers in comparison to other scales.

My scales are difficult - they are digital and I usually have to do a best out of 5 because each time i get on them they show a different weight!


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go with the ones that give you the lowest reading...i would :giggle:

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