Changing the bumper offer


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Exante keep changing the bumper offer and now I am not sure what I have just ordered!!! :sigh:

I thought it was the soup and bar box that I ordered this morning, I have just been on and they are now doing the shake only and soup only boxes.

I am now not sure which one I clicked on, plus I would have liked some bars with teh soups. :cry:

Awaiting an email response from them, they really should let us know if they are making changes, i'm sure this wasn't the case yeaterday when I tried to order.
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Why are they still calling it the "pre xmas" offer. I think that's what's confusing. The one on there now is either soups only or shakes only. Who would wnat just soups ??? The variety pack is a mix of soups, bars and shakes. It's £36.75 which is quite a good price still.
I think their customer service is quite good so they will probably sort it out. I hope they do.


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Its ok. they changed it after I had ordered the soup/shake/bar box, I hope I haven't confused them now and that they change it!!!!!

I'm going for the just soup one a well, I seem to have an in proportionate amount of shakes so it will even out my 6 months supply. Really need to stick to it now I have so much of the stuff.

Yes their customer service team do seem very on the ball.