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changing times

Package from exante due to turn up tomorrow. Have been doing slimming world and have lost a stone but things are slowing down and have decide that this is the way to go. My friend has been has been doing CD and I'm jealous of her rapid weight loss but very determine that I will lose weight and this time I will keep it off. I'm planning to start on Monday and am reducing the amount that I'm eating so that it's not so much of a shock. Fingers crossed this will work for me.:sigh:
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Hi there!

Good luck with Exante. It will work if you just stick with it! This forum is great to keep you on track and give you support :)
Welcome to the forum. :)

Good luck with your diet, it's not the easiest way to lose weight but it is effective if you can stay with the plan.
Thanx for the warm welcome...
My boxes arrived this morning looking very scary and a bit like space food in their silver packets.
Very determined to succeed.
Hah! See! Spacefood! (That's what I called it.)

Facing it with a bit of trepidation is quite normal. It ain't easy, especially once the novelty has worn off, but it does the job. Good luck.


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Hello PP,
Welcome to here :D
Once you get past the first couple of weeks you will be flying with motivation. (And the companionship with your friend on a VLCD should help. ;))

As already expressed, no one here will pretend that it is an easy option but it does work.

Yes, try and cut down on the carbs on the lead up to it and you may not have a bad time with the initial hunger.

Love Myr xxx
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Just a word of warning - be chuffed in your own achievements and don't overly compare your progress to your friend's. You may do better than her on CD, you may not. Everyone's reaction to a VLCD is different, it can vary according to start weight, body composition, inside leg measurement and a myriad of other things (probably including the movement of the planets...). So don't get hung up over it, it could end up demotivating for both of you. :)
My husbands on about starting it now as well not sure if it's really his sort of thing .He's really fussy about food, But he needs to drop his BMI for work, so we'll see what happens could be very intresting as he's a moody so and so at the best of times. On the plus side he's working away during the week at the moment so I wont have to put up with it lol...
Has anyone elses partner given it a go ???


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Mine has!

He gets on it with much better than any other diet he has tried. I think its because he doesn't have to think for himself, he just does his 3 packs/day and the weight is falling off him.

Def helps me as well as we spur each other on.

Plus he has so much time now to get on with jobs I need doing in the house!:p
My fella was going to but he got ill on the day he was due to start! :( As he has a kidney stone his doc has advised him not to start dieting til the stone has passed.

He'll probably do WS rather than TS, at least to start with.

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