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Chardonnay's restart - 3stone 4lbs - another 1lb gone!!!

Hi All!

Some of you may recognise me (many won't) I have been coming on these websites for years and some of you will know how many times I have tried and struggled to get back on the effing wagon to no avail!

I successfully lost 4 stone in 2004/2005 on LL. I tried to re-start on LL 3 times and could not stick it. Then switched over to CD at the end of 2005 for my wedding but again could not stick to it. I have since picked up all the weight and more and tried various diets (“Neris and India's Idiot-proof Diet”, GI & WW and back to CD again).
I started CD again on 7 August on the 790 plan and I have now lost 2 stone and feeling SO much better. I done 6 days of solid SS but did not loose anything but doing 790 my weight seems to shift?! Not complaining, so now I can enjoy a nice tuna, onion & cucumber salad in the evenings if I want, but will not eat if I am not hungry and will stick to my shakes.

I have thrown away all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore as I am never going to let myself get that big again! Something I have never done!!!

I know this is a “Diary-like” thread, tbh I don’t keep them up as I don’t get much response on them so I mainly hover on other threads, but I will post this on the diary pages. I just needed to whoop for joy!!! I was so excited weighing myself this morning that I got on the scales FIVE times just to make sure that it was a solid 2 stone!!!

Sorry to bore you all with the history!

Char x:eek:x
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well done Chardonnay....brilliant start...You are determined so you will succeed..Good luck and keep posting...join our daily thread as well...you will get great support on there. :welcome:
Hedgemag: :flowers:Thank you! Which one is the daily thread?

Nathalie20: :flowers:Thank you too!!! I will let you know how I get on!

I am so determined to stick to this diet until I go away (in 4 1/2 weeks) to Centerparcs. I will make sure that I get back onto this diet as soon as I am back, kicking, screaming and crying if needs be!
Thanks Sazzy!

Yes, I do feel brilliant! Can't wait to loose another 3lbs then I will be down to the next stone... whooo hoooo!!!

One thing I love about doing 790 - I went out with my friend last night. While we were at the pub she wanted to get something to eat. So I decided to have something with her - there is always something you can make up from the menu to suit the plan.

I had a starter of king prawns with a side salad of mixed herbs (as my meal) with a smidgen of balsamic dressing and a bottle of fizzy water. When I done LL all those years ago I use to avoid all social situations but I love the whole flexibility of CD & thier various steps!

We have our wedding anniversary coming up and hoping to go out for a meal - am thinking of the OXO tower or somewhere like that... just need to check out what is on the menu! Can't wait!

I was on LL for my 25th and I went to my LL meeting and left to go shopping at Bluewater... never again!

Can anybody who is reading this tell me how to change the title of the thread and the post in a thread that above your last post? Tried all various ways with the edit button to no avail!

Hope all you girls are having a good day!!!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Sorry Char I don't know how you change the title but Im sure someone will be able to help you.

Let me know if you go to the oxo tower and what you think of it! I really want to go there but have still yet to go -heard it is delicious though!

Good Luck with today, Im with you on this 790 business just having my 1st bar of the day and glugging back the water! Although Iv got the weekend off as Im away so also dreaming of food but am determined not to go over the top like i normally do!

N xx
Hey Nathalie!

I have had a look at the menu at the OXO tower, both the restaurant and the brasserie, but there is nothing really suitable for 790. I have been before for a lunch and it was lush! Would deff recommend it!

I am now thinking along the lines of Fish! in Borough Market or The Chop House at Tower Bridge. If we don't book something soon we are going to end up at the Harvester near home:giggle:!

I don't think I could go there and not have a Harvester salad with blue cheese dressing and croutons :drool:

Going to SS today I think. Since I started this diet again I treat myself once a week on a Friday night. Both DH and I have been getting a good film, I get chicken shish kebab (hubby can have what he likes) and chill on the sofa... It is the only time I allow myself chicken. I try to stick to fish. Then I try to SS for the rest of the weekend, but don't beat myself if I have a tuna salad or something.

How long have you been doing this diet? I will start reading your thread in a mo...



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well I did it for 4 months last summer but have since but a stone and a half on - got a stone to go but Im not being as strict this time, so it is coming off slowly but this way I do feel alot more in control. Plenty of time I have started it this year gone all out on SS then binged it all back on again so this is the only way to do it at the mo for me.

The oxo tower does sound v yummy! I might be going around xmas time - got to save some pennies though first as I will need to have 3 courses and wine etc to get the most out of it tee hee!

Hope you have a good night in with your chicken tomorrow - it does sound like you have it well under control so well done! Im normally a turkey + veg girl for my dinner asIm not a big fish eater but I am trying to experiment more :)
Hiya Nathalie...

Well I am on page 3 of your thread...! Afraid I do not get an awful lot of time to get on here at work and having sat at the PC all day it is not what I fancy doing most of my evenings too so mainly get on here at weekends and occasionally through work.

Well done on getting 7lbs off so far! That is great. I still have another 6+ stone to get off but will be happy with another 4.

I know what you mean about starting again and doing SS and then binging = ditto here! I managed to make it through three weeks of SS last time I started CD, then I fell ill and came off it. Looking back I could have just done 790 but it was any excuse to eat and feel sorry for me!

I think 790 is a lot healthier for me and my brain. I can eat if I want to and don't have something and then eat all that I want because "tomorrow the diet starts again"!

I would really recommend the OXO tower. The brasserie was really reasonable too. I went there in a big group for my friend's 25th and I think it was only about £35 a head including alcohol. I can't remember if we had the set menu or not though. Looking at the dinner menu, I would expect it to be around £50 but that depends on whether you want the desert or not. I am not a "sweet" person - Although I would go for the cheese and biscuit option!

I can't wait to have a glass of wine but think that is going to have to wait for my holiday (w/c 8th October). Was going to try to stick to Vodka and Slimline all week but I have bought some really nice wines off Virgin Wines so will take that with us and will have the odd bottle or two as well while we sit out on the balcony at . Was thinking today that I might have to get some nice smelly cheeses to have with the wine but that will just be BAD!!!

Have you got much planned for the weekend??

Char x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hey chick a dee - yup Im back now and back on the diet finding it A ok...at the moment!!

So when is you anniv that your going for this posh meal? I really want to go out for a poah meal thats one of my problems I love going out for meals spec with this bloke Ive been seeing as he loves to eat out and always pays etc etc etc so Im finding it hard saying no :( Saying that I did cook steak, potato wedges + salad for us yesterday (I was off the diet then) and he loved it said it was better than going out.....weirdo haha!

I'm with you 100% on this 790 business though, Im not sure I could ever go back to doing ss completly now. My brain is better on 790 and think my body is to actually, I seem to not shift weight for the first few days with ss'ing probably my body thinking ahhh she is starving me again hehe! But 790 is better plus Im loving my george foreman and am getting good use out of it :)

Anyway I should really do some work Iv been skiving off for a while now - my flowers take up 1/2 my desk so no one can see me hehe!

Have a good evening, Im working in the salon til 8ish then off home for some turkey + salad before getting an early night as Im exhausted! xx
Hiya Nathalie

Will post on your thread... but well done on getting to day 3! How are you feeling??? Good news about the 2lbs down. I have lost the 6lbs that I picked up the weekend but the scales have stayed put but it is TOTM so no surprise there really.

Your daily flowers turn up yet?

I have not booked anything for our anniversary yet. I think we may just end up going out in the country somewhere and have a nice healthy salad or something in a village pub. If we go somewhere posh I doubt very much I will not want a glass of wine with my dinner etc. Anyho, I have the w/c 8 October to eat what I may on our holiday so we can enjoy it then instead.

I know what you mean about eating out! It is great. Although both DH and I love cooking so we do a lot of nice meals indoors! I have not got to this size by eating cornflakes every night!

I am over my little "accident" on Tuesday night. I have not heard anything from the people in the other car yet so no news is good news and all that!

No real news this end. Not had anything to eat yet so will have a shake now and two later. I had a tuna salad last night so will try not to eat tonight... Shall see how I feel, not going to stress myself out if I fancy a tuna salad!

I am not having my weekly treat of chicken kebab tomorrow night, DH is out with his mates so I will curl up with my Baby Boy (dog!) and watch some crappy American sitcom or something... bliss!

I am busy at work at the moment (always am) so best get on.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Char x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Daily Flowers not turned up just yet Char hehe! Although he did text asking if they had arrived which makes me think they are on the way...:) isn't it nice ot be loved and showered with affection awwww xxx

Well done for sticking to it so well you will be at goal before you know it missy! Also the idea for yor anniv sound slovely. Especially if the wedding is nice you cna go for a romanitc walk etc, you could even take a picnic!

Not long til you will be all skinny at centreparks either! Im being good today managed to resist the flapjacks calling my name at m&s - they are my latest craze I just looove flapjack, every time I break it I always have one hehe! Was chatting to a lady in the salon at lunch and she is going to do it when I become a cdc yay 1st client hehe! :) Had 2 shakes, 2L of water + a can of coke zero. Not feeling hungry today so ketosis must be kicking in finally woo hoo!

N xxx
Afternoon All!

Well, had a pretty manic weekend! Friday night was lovely, took DH down to the pub so he could watch the rugby, I took my BBBB ("Big Brown Baby Boy") to the park for a run (him not me ;) ) then went home and watched rubbish on telly, with a nice tuna salad and lots of black coffee.

Woke up fairly early on Saturday and read my book for an hour. Then got on with loads of housework done and most of my washing cause the weather was great. Then both DH & I took BB to the river which was lovely! Quietish night, preparing for work the next day :eek:! Yes, I worked all day yesterday, from 9am until 8pm doing dictation for our litigation department. I was knackered by the time I got home and was in bed by 10pm!

So that was it... Weekend over... 3lbs down so pleased with that! .12lbs into the next stone! Whoo hooo!!! Just stressing about my holiday now... I am going away in 3 weeks (exactly 3 weeks today) and am not worried about loosing an unreasonable weight before then (those 12lbs would be nice, but won't beat myself up if I dont manage that) but am worried about picking up weight when I eat over my hols! I am don't want to go away and do 790 or 1000 even, I won't enjoy my holiday and I am so looking forward to it!

I am trying to plan now what I am going to eat:

Bagel / poached egg on toast / porridge for breakfast

jacket potato / salad for lunch

Whatever I want for dinner but will try to stick to the healther option (like if we go to the curry will have the Biryani (sp)??? The one that comes with rice & veg curry - suppose to be healthy option anyhow, or if we go chinese will have chicken in blackbean with boiled rice or noodles).

Well, this is my delima, I know I am bound to pick up at least 7lbs, which will mainly be glycogen, so will probably take me about 1 - 1 1/2 weeks to loose that. BUT, I am going to my DH's very posh Xmas party on 14 December, so that gives me exactly 2 months after coming back off holiday to loose 3 stone? Do you think this is possible????

I am really stressing about it and am starting to think maybe will try to ss/790 over my holiday. Urgh. What shall I do? I want to look fab at Xmas, DH started a new job 5 months ago and I don't know any of these people, and the wives either have successful jobs or are stay at home mums & WAGs!

H-E-L-P :sign0009:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Oh Char do not worry!

GO away and enjoy your holiday - life is not worth stressing over it is far too short. 2 months is plenty of time to loose it you may be a few pounds off but that is all and I bet you will look fab!! When I'm back from my holiday I promise to do it 100% with you and we can both get slim for then! You will loose that glycogen in a matter of days so dont worry chick,

You did so well over the weekend well done chick - I was awful if you see my thread Im now mega fed up and annoyed etc etc :(

Enoyoj your holiday you only live once and you will just be miserable otherwise and is one night when you might only be a few pounds away from target really worth having a miserable holiday for?
Hiya Nathalie.... again!

Thanks for this - just managed to read it and catch up!

You are right about my hols, I am so looking forward to it! Been looking at their website and all the different restaurants they have got to see what healthy options they have. Only one of the restaurants do jacket pots and most do salads but they all have ceasar salads which is boring without the dressing (which I will try not to have!).

I am really excited - I booked by treatments with them. I am having a deluxe pedicure the day we arrive so my tootsies are all nice for the pool and I am having a head to toe massage and facial on the Wednesday morning which lasts about 2 hours... absolute bliss... can't wait after this place the last couple of weeks.

So how "bad" was you really? What did you eat/drink and for how many days?

Char x

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