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ProPoints Charlotte's WI Diary.. please help keep me motivated!


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Hey everyone,

so I've been on MM just over a month now, and you've all been such a massive help and an even bigger inspiration. Thank you :cool:

So anyway.. a little about me...(if anyone is interested!)

I started WW (Discover) in Jan 2009 at 15st 7lb, and lost 44.5lb. I literally went to class for two weeks after reaching goal in November (12st 6lb, the top-end of healthy for me) and got to 12st 4.5lb, and I gave up. I don't think I was being all "I don't need class anymore".. I think it was more "I can't be bothered!"

... but 2010 was a stressful, emotional and difficult one for me.

I don't know what it was, but at the beginning of March I thought "Enough is Enough" and got all the info to do propoints.

I'm using this website and my freebie iPhone app to work out points and keep me motivated, and my OH is my fat fighters leader, weighing me every Friday morning. We track all my weightlosses and he gives me shiny stickers. It's silly I know, but it really helps keep me going.

So that's me. I'm going to find some pictures later of me at my fattest to post to keep me going (I did the ugly undies pics when I first started!:jelous:)

4/3/11 - 13st 4lb
11/3/11 - 13st
18/3/11 - 12st 13lb
25/3/11 - 12st 13lb
1/4/11 - 12st 12lb
8/4/11 - 12st 11lb

Lost 7lb so far. I've changed my ULTIMATE goal to 10st 4lb - but I'm really not sure how ideal this will be as I'm 5'10", so I don't want to look out of proportion. A size 10-12 would be perfect.

I'm aiming to get to 11st 7lb by the end of July, and I will guage from there!

x x
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Hi there!

I am happy to be your friend and motivate you as I need the same too :)

You have done so well to go from 217 to 179! I am at 211 now but got down to 185 in April 09 and kept it off till I got pregnant. So annoying but I do have my beautiful son so its not too bad!

Are you doing any exercise? I am really lazy but I run around after my son and go to work so at least I am not just sitting around at home.

Good Luck and talk soon!


x It's my year to shine x
Aaaw thanks GG! Glad we can help motivate each other :)
sound like you're pretty determined - I really admire new mums, I don't know how you cope with having to run around after a litle human lol.

Good luck with your weightloss though, I'm going to visit your diary in a second and see how you're doing!

I don't exercise - I currently have a severely prolapsed disc in my lower back, and a couple more discs that are bulging, so my doctor has told me NOT to exercise (nightmare!) - I'm not even allowed to go swimming, and have to take it easy walking. Have an appointment at the hospital on Thursday to weigh up my options though, so hopefully they'll let me get on with playing on the wii and joining the gym to go swimming.

I think running around after your little boy will get you down to that fantastic weight in no time!


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Thought I'd add in a little about my last couple of days - finding it a real struggle to eat. On monday I forced a sausage roll and mullerlight down me neck as I'd only eaten 12 points for the day, ended up 2pp under after having a few treats, and yesterday don't even get me started...

I had a really bad one, breakfast at 9:30am, then went out buying things for my studio (run a photography studio on my own and needed some new props and backdrops!) so time got away with me, didn't have lunch, then had a spat with my mother about 6pm (she is a VERY selfish lady, never apologises, won't back down when she's in the wrong, can't take oposing opinions and is a strong believer in the silent treatment) so didn't actually eat the whole day, as I was so angry.

I ended up 12pp under. I ate a ready meal in the evening about 10pm and straight after I had the most violent headache, I'm such an idiot! Then didn't sleep last night as I was tossing and turning. GRR.

Today is a new day though, am going to make sure I eat all my points healthily! Hoping that y'day hasn't jeapordised my WI on Friday.

Sorry about the random outburst, just need to get my frustrations out!


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Thanks for your kind words Jo - I've literally just grabbed a fruit breakfast and will have some lunch soon.

Just on my way to your diary to get some tips - OMG you've done so amazingly well! WOW!!! x
Hi charlotte! How are you going today??


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15/4/11 - STS

Feeling very demotivated today - thanks for asking though GG :)

I am being SO good, I NEVER go over my daily points, usually have around 20 weeklies at the weekend and no more. Just frustrating. I'm going to go back to WW tonight and see my old leader, and get on the plan properly - then give it a couple of weeks. I have a voucher for a free meeting (if I'm over 5lb over goal which I'm not now, but I can only guess I will be on the official scales!) so will only have to pay to re-register!

So I'll give PP a few weeks with going to class, and then if it's still this slow I'll go back to Discover - I know it works :)

All I can put it down to is that I ate a sandwich yesterday (bread - never sits well with me!), a big yoghurt quite late in the evening and a couple of cookies (all pointed!)... either that or my 19/31 points day on Monday affected me(But I don't think so).

In other news, I had my consultant appt yesterday, I am going to be having a cortisone injection into my spine (Epidural) to help relieve my pain in a few weeks... and then if that doesn't work then I am a perfect candidate for surgery.. :eek::eek::eek::eek:
Hi Charlotte

I wouldn't worry about a STS at all. Our bodies do such weird things at different times of the month even when we have been super good! Some people stay away from certain foods before wi like bread etc? Might be worth giving it a thought??

Your epidural sounds a bit (ouch!) hopefully it will do the trick before it gets to the stage of surgery! x


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Aw thanks Crusader, my body is a funny one at the best of times, let alone when I'm conciously trying to lose :rolleyes: But it's people like you on a forum like this that make me realise my bad mood is silly. And thanks for your kind words :) Fingers crossed the Cortisone will help. I had to go to a solicitor-arranged Dr appt today after a car accident I had 6 weeks ago, (This is on top of the back problems I've been suffering, its made them worse too!)and I'm having to have physio on my hip and neck! BLEURGH!

I nearly always steer clear of bread any day, my belly does not like it, it's just Thursday was a rubbish one - I had a long maternity photoshoot I had to do, then I had to rush to the hospital for my appointment (picking my BF up from work en route so I didn't have to go alone) so I asked him to grab me something. Didn't have time to eat lunch at home, and was sat around in the hospital for ages :eek:

Bless him, he's so sweet, he got me a prawn sandwich. "Well it's prawns which you told me were low points, and the bread's got bits in it and it's not white, so it looks really healthy, and it's got that rocket salad in it that you eat a lot and are growing" Awww! It was nice though :)

So I was going to wait until I was back at my gold weight until I went back to class, but I'm 5lb within target so I bit the bullet. Looks like my scales are the same as WW and I didn't have to pay :D Got all the official details, and even though my "old" leader is off sick at the moment, the stand in is absolutely lovely and I'm starting "PP part 2" now. :p

I've been put on 29 (I'd been having 31 after using that online calculator...) and I am going to make an effort to eat 40-49 of my weeklies - and then go from there. And I weigh on Friday evenings, so my new week is going to start Saturday (like the booklet suggests) so I can eat my big ol' takeaway after weigh in and blitz some of my points.

Gone through a load of my old "YourWeek" booklets today [39 of them!] and am re-pointing some yummy looking recipes.

:553: I'm feeling positive!
You sound like you are feeling much more positive, good for you!

Here's to a good week ahead for you! x


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22/4/11 -1.5lb

I don't know how that happened! I think it was probably due to last week's bloatfest not showing on the scales... Or I've actually done a good job this week lol. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

But yay, I'm 12st 9.5lb and slowly chipping away at the remaining 2 to 2.5 stone :) 3.5lb until a healthy BMI... 5lb until my last weigh in at WW in 2009... getting there!

Using "Target Weight" on my phone, and it tells me if I carry on at this rate (1.2lbs a week) then I will reach my goal by 1/11/2011. I know my weight loss will slow down though, so I'm not getting my hopes up, but I've not really been finding PP all that hard (unlike Discover) so it's ALL GOOD.



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6/5/11 - STS

GRRRRR! That's what I get for having a total blowout day - I didn't point, and although I didn't have a great deal of food, it was all treat food. Oh well. I didn't gain, so being good Tues/Weds/Thurs has obviously helped! I deserve a STS though, I WILL be good this week!

Doesn't help that I weighed myself on Saturday last week and was showing at -1lb from my Friday weight! My OH has banned me from the scales, and has piled them with bathroom bits and pieces so I can't "hop on". Hehe :p

Well done OH . Its really soul destroying to be jumping on the scales between weigh ins as your body can vary a few pounds either way any day depending onwater retention,time of month , how well your bowels work that day,lots of things so I know its so tempting to have a sneaky peek but if you see a gain that can effect the rest of your week.

I feel for you about your back . I had to have a partial discectomy about six years ago (cut off bulging bit) so I know what its like . Had very bad sciatica (pain down leg couldnt put foot on floor) . I had two of those epidurals too but they didnt work for me (but everyone is different) . I was scared of the surgery but I had to do something as I couldnt look after my kids hopping around on one leg and lying on a bed in the kitchen to watch them. pain was bad anyway but I havnt looked back since . I still have to be carefull obviously with lifting and bending but I am living my life. The one thing after surgery is you cant sit down for six weeks so you have to walk or lay down. cant drive for a good while either but well worth it.


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Hi michillin woman - thanks for your story. I get sciatica, but nowhere near as bad as you! Wow that must've been a nightmare. I've had a lot of people say to me that the injections are a stopgap, and that surgery has changed their lives. I'll cross that bridge if I come to it - scares the living daylights out of me! My surgeon has said he'd do the same, cut out the bulgy bit. Although no sitting down would be awful, bring on the walks I say!


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13/5/11 - STS

Yes, i'm hacked off. I may understand why (blowout meal on saturday, but it wasn't horrendous and I remained at pretty much 29 ppts the rest of the week) but I'm still annoyed. I've lost nothing the last 2 weeks - well the scales did say 12st 7.8lb, so I've lost 0.2lb, but I dn't get hung up on decimals, I round up and it makes it easier as I still go to class in the evening.

I'm sticking to basics this week. No takeouts, no eating out, pointing and repointing everything I eat - and if I don't have a 2lb loss next week I'm debating doing discovery again.
Charlotte-eve . Dont loose heart. sometimes the body just takes a break and then theres a good loss the following week .I know how it can **** you off but no good work goes unpaid . It will show eventually. Sorry to hear you arnt feeling well .Is it your back . That could be stressing you out too which could also hinder your weight loss. The body is strange like that sometimes.Hope you feel better soon


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Aaaw thanks :) I know it's always best to look at the bigger picture, but I just get caught up in it all...

Yeah my back is really bad, I'm stressed about not being at work, my stomach has literally been somersaulting for 24 hours and my neck/hip are still hurting (still waiting on physio appointment!)


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