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Cheaper than going to a class-week 1 weigh in- 48lbs to go

Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by ashleigh84, 2 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    Well lost a stone and half up to Nov 2012, have put on a stone since quitting smoking and have a wedding dress to fit in to by 23rd May 2013.

    So my weigh in for today is 15st 13lb.

    I will be following the slimming world plan- and have booked in all my gym classes up to next Weds, planned my weekend food as I'm off work.

    I have the mammouth task of loosing 48 lbs to get to my goal weight!!!!

    So good luck to all x :)
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  3. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    Just looked at it and really it's not as bad as I thought- I fly to Mexico on the 13th May- which gives me 18 weigh ins (Weds) before then. I need to loose 2.6 lbs per week to be at goal!!!
  4. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Good luck, You can do it :) xx
  5. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    You too- you have the same goal as me 1stone off this month!
  6. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Thank you! I joined a January Challenge thread, It really keeps you motivated getting involved with other people losing weight! You have a fabulous reason for doing it so im sure you will hit your targets, The stories, support and pictures on here are great to keep us on track :) xx
  7. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    the January Challenge sounds like a great idea- Im lucky were I work that the majority of us are on slimming world so always hearing about new ideas without actually joining a club. Good luck- is the 100% for 100 days challenge that you will not defer at all from your diet plan?x
  8. Lula

    Lula New Member

    I'm in also. Im new here but done Slimming World before with varying amounts of success. My sister has given me a lovely dress which I reckon if I lose a stone of the three I need to shed, I will fit into by my birthday on 8th Feb. Motivation indeed!
  9. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Yes im on Exante which is 3 shakes a day and water, Thats it. 100% for 100 days fingers crossed :) xx
  10. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    A stone is my goal by then too- by next weight in (weds 9th jan)I am hoping to have lost 5lbs! I went shopping today- salmon with philephia topping and loads of veg for tea. Already planned all my recipes for Indian meal on Saturday. the motivation of fitting into our dresses should do the trick- are you following the extra easy plan?
  11. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    WOW that sounds extremely hard- does it get easier after the first few days? Good luck x
  12. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Im rubbish with food and a lazy cook so this is easier for me, Taking food away completely while i learn new things will take the weight off quickly but also give me a good foundation to begin healthy eating once i come off Exante :) Yes once Ketosis kicks in you dont feel as hungry anymore, but the eyes and nose still work so things still look and smell yummy lol xx
  13. samwannabeslim

    samwannabeslim Well-Known Member

    good luck

  14. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    today 1 hour hill walking, syn free tandoori chicken marinading, all herbs purchased for chicken curry and potatos boiling ready for syn free veg pakoras. Maybe I will work in syns for a vodka and tonic later.
    Hope everyone is still feeling motivated- nearly had a blip last night with all the xmas chocolate- after looking that 1 celebration sweet is 2 syns i have now bagged them up for my other half to take to work.
    Was nearly tempted to weigh myself this morning, but think weekly is better????
    Do you just weigh weekly, or more motivation doing twice weekly?
    Have a lovely weekend x
  15. Miss_cake

    Miss_cake Member

    Good luck. I am also getting married this year and need to lose a stone this month. Yikes!
  16. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    When do you get married? have you found your dress yet?
    Good luck for loosing a stone- lots of superfree food! I'v stopped the wine, got rid of the xmas choc (all in my other halfs boot) and managed to say no to roast potatos at my in laws!
    Good luck- you weighing in on weds?
  17. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    Good luck for tomorrow ladies xxx ive done leg, bums and tums class for the last 2 days and am struggling to walk downstaies so hope its a good weigh in x
  18. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    5 pounds off this week! Hope you have all had a successful week x
  19. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    well 43 pounds to go until goal- had a boozy fri night- but still not had any wine- had gin and slimline tonic instead and not having anymore booze over the weekend. to make up for it today had all meals with 2/3's superfree. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I've spent the day finding recipes for next week- boxercise session booked in for tomorrow (I am now able to walk downstairs without it feeling like my legs are on fire).

    Good luck for next weigh in x
  20. Emmie

    Emmie Well-Known Member

    I thought you had to take a food break? I totally need to be tutored on this diet! Haha it sounds hard but great aswell :)
  21. ashleigh84

    ashleigh84 Active Member

    3lbs off this week!

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