Cheat Day??


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Does anyone else have a 'cheat day' while dieting?

I never did through all my years of dieting, but I saw on a programme the other day a personal trainer who recommended having cheat days as "something to look forward to".

Does anyone else do this? If so has it helped/hindered your weight loss?

I'm on SW.

Danni x
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Hi..Yes iv always done this,Saturday is my day. I think its a good idea and keeps you more disciplined through the week. Iv never lost any less than I would of usually so I say go for it,you can only try it...!
Iv had 2 days off this week,very disappointed in myself as its my first week back at slimming world,should be a 3/4 pound loss but got a feeling its only going to be a 1/2...time will tell,going to try recover myself today and tomorrow! x


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I find it's easier if you have a cheat meal rather than a whole cheat day but it depends what works for you :) X


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I find it's easier if you have a cheat meal rather than a whole cheat day but it depends what works for you :) X

I would have to agree with this, if i had a cheat day I know i would go waaaay over the top. However, i wonder if even this would be better than my will power crumbling and me turning a cheat day into 3 months of compulsive over eating due to that feeling that i've failed YET AGAIN :confused:


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Agree that a whole day is a bit excessive but a treat meal now and then is good for you IMO as it stops you from craving things to much and go out and pig out full bore.


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I'm having cheat weekend at the moment! Not that this means i can stuff my face but it means i can have a couple of biscuits and something nice for tea. It also means i can have a meal out (not every weekend) and not beat myself up about it.
I am being very strict in the week though with just a meal replacement bar for tea so it really is something to look forward to.
So it is a cheat weekend but not a binge-ing weekend! :)


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Yeah, the trainer said to the lady she should have a cheat day but I disagree with it because then you just end up using it as an excuse to stuff your face for the whole day! Doesnt make sense to me....!

A whole day of eating rubbish is way worse than eating one meal. Especially if you're prone to binging :)



Its sunday for me! Its between my 13hr nightshifts when Im sleep deprived and very stressed so I cut myself some slack and dont worry too much over what I eat.
Its easier to think you have a day to enjoy unhealthy foods then to pig out, feel really guilty and think, 'Ive ruined my diet..I might as well not bother any more':)
(I should say I dont use it as an excuse to binge on everything, just to have a chocolate bar or stonking big cheese sandwich without the guilt!!)


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I have two really..

mon to fri i eat super healthy, lots of oats, lean protein, tonnes of veg etc..

but sat i go out for a fish n chip supper with my partner, and sunday i cook a huge sunday roast for us...

If i was still in the weight loss phase though im not sure i would.

But i think its very hard to maintain a strict diet without any cheats?


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I have a cheat day as I find it helps keep me motivated for the rest of the week, I'm on WW ProPoints and so I can have a sort of clear conscience knowing that I never dip into my weekly's and then Saturday I eat what I like!!

I think to be honest that it's all in my head anyway because as soon as Saturday rolls round I'm never as bad as I could be because I know that it's up to me what I eat! Sometimes I go mad but then it's out of my system for another week.

I'd recommend it because it stops me feeling so fed up mid week because I know I have something to look forward to!



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i think it depends on your personality. for me, if i allowed myself to have the freedom of a cheat meal, i'd start bending the rules... telling myself that some bread and pate in the afternoon was a 'starter'... and then half a loaf would be gone...:eek: and three bottles of wine!

if i give myself an inch i'll take a mile - which sounds crazy, because it's irrational and self-sabotaging... but then a lot of food behaviours are dyfunctional.

for other people, the rigidity of a diet might feel so awful to them that they're in danger of snapping and having a binge. in that mindset, a planned treat on a regular basis would be the wisest option.


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I think it depends on your personality and boundaries. When I was going to slimming world every week, I had a flexible syns day every week so I could have KFC, and still have all my syns. I lost 1-4 pounds a week. The only times I gained were on holidays when I wasn't on plan for more than just a day.

It takes time to find what you can deal with, but if you've found something that works for you, feel free to experiment, but don't be afraid to go back to what you know works for you.



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When I did WW I never had a 'cheat' day but I did have a TREAT day. I hate when people call it a cheat, its back to the idea that its wrong to have something nice or a reward. I had a chinese takeaway as a treat on my weigh in day, it was something to look forward to every week and helped keep me on the straight and narrow. I kept within my points for it so it wasnt bad at all

I think a cheat and a treat are very very different. Cheat sounds very negative


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I have to say last week when i went away, I thought ill have a 'cheat' day one day and I didnt even eat that much differently to what id normally have. I didnt have a meal replacement bar (im on slimfast) or a shake at breakfast or lunch, but I didn't feel the need to go over the top with what I did have. I remember having a panini in costa coffee, and a cup of tea, but I still had my three 100 cal snacks and I think the only thing I really had that was bad was a small fish n chips, but I didnt even have any pudding that was offered to me.
Looking back I think Im a little scared of going over the top with my 'cheat day' as I didnt want to undo the work id done previously. Maybe when I get closer to target I maybe a little bit more relaxed, who knows.


im on lipotrim TFR would a cheat day where i had a nice meal not knock me out of katosis


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unless you wre incredibly strict with what you ate, then yes it would.


thanks hun ill stick at it so my friend is doin it crazy she is having shakes sun to fri and having a normel meal and few drinks on a sat and she is still losing weight but would she be losing more if she jus stuck at it her attitude is what one day but personally i struggled forst few days to come of food i dont think i could do that every week


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i usually have something i want on weigh in day, i weighed in yesterday and wanted a kitkat chunky caramel so i made a healthy dinner and didnt really have any syns (doing sw) during the day so i had my chocolate bar and a few biscuits, probably didnt go TOO much over my syns but it was yummy :)