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'cheat days'


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What are peoples thoughts on cheat days on 'diets'. For example I have been really good eating and exercise wise this week, until today when I was invited out to a friends house. We ended up walking to the local pub, where I had a relatively healthy meal (Quorn Fajitas, and used no Cheese and all the salad and the quorn strips) and then i had a childrens chocolate sponge.

I walked back etc but when i got home, I had Marmite on Weight watchers bagel, Skips and some fruit.

basically, im worried I may have now blown all my good work for the week and put on the weight. im so close to getting to the next stone bracket but its taking so long, but are cheat days are good idea or not? I know whats done is done, but

Does a cheat day once a week harm anyone? Or does it even speed up your metabolism so it makes it easier to lose weight?
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you've done so well so far, well done :)

Hmm cheat days, well I personally don't, but i need to be strict! BUT everything in moderation is okay I think, and i don't think a wee chocolate sponge and the other wee things will have done any harm. If you need crips, then skips or quavers is the way to go...I had to wean myself off crisps with ryvita minis.
Don't beat yourself up hun, i reckon its just the idea of your wee treats makes you think you've blown it, you haven't...blowing it would mean, indulging yourself tomorrow and the day after and the day after that!
You can always adjust your intake tomorrow if it makes you feel better.
The mind games are awful aren't they? So a little of what you fancy, now and again and in moderation shouldn't cause too many problems if you allow for it, by reducing a wee bit the next day or upping the exercise for a day or two :)


Never Give Up
S: 16st9lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 4st13lb(29.61%)
Thanks for the reply RainbowRose

Ive decided to draw a line over what I had today,and tomorrow morning is another day im going to make sure im up, about and moving from 7 o clock tomorrow morning, when my boyfriend leaves for work. ill be doing the workout on my dvd tomorrow morning, and then again in the evening before he comes home, and then again on Sunday. Ive been quite good and ive planned my meals for the next 2 days as we dont have much in the house, as we are going away for the next week to my mums.

Thankyou for the support, and thankfully now I havnt eaten anything since dinner, so im hoping not to eat anything else today. Realising my BMI is below 30 for the first time ever, has really made me realise how close I am to target :) x


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It's best you have one cheat day than to quit your diet though lack of esteem. :)


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I think one day every so often is ok but maybe not once a week. It sounds like you made sensible choices though and didn't go overboard. Rather than have an entire day where I'm allowed to 'cheat', I allow myself small treats every so often without counting the calories.
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Yes, I agree. Every once in a while is good. Otherwise I know I end up having a binge because I've deprived myself of certain foods. I never plan a cheat day, but if I go out with friends I allow myself a bit of leeway. Just as long as it's not a very regular thing.


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Yep now and then is O.K. :)
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Sounds like you made pretty good choices there. I wouldn't worry about it at all just start afresh next morning. Just don't let it become a weekly habit.

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