Cheated and feeling the negitive effects :(


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Hi everybody ive been on Lipotrim TFR for 2 weeks lost 10 ibs first week due for my 2nd weigh in this coming tuesday ive stuck to all the rules but i had a bottle of 7up in work today because i thought i was going to collapse with the dizzyness but as soon as i had that bottle of 7-up my stomach ballooned i feel im after going out of ketosis now :(. Im just wondering will this effect my weightloss ive been doing super good on it as i said 10ibs down in week really deditcated to this diet and i want to succeed the best i can...thanks for reading.....oh and i admire everybody on this website for doing Lipotrim its hard work use should all be really proud.....Mark
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Hi I am not sure how it will effect your loss all I can say is don't stress about it now just get back on track and be 100% this week . It's not easy and we are all human and have our weak moments but try to look at the big picture and stay focused . hope next week will be better for you , goodluck !


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If that's all you had Mark then I very much doubt if it will have any effect whatsoever.....I suggest that you forget about it and just look forward to your weigh in. Well done, you're doing great:D


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As far as I'm aware getting knocked out of ketosis in itself will not make you gain weight, it's carb loading, i.e. eating more carbs than your body can actually burn and so storing as glycogen along with water which results in weight gain. Any gain you might have would be purely water weight as it takes 3500 calories in excess of what you burn each day to gain a full pound of body fat, and although 7up is loaded with sugar, it doesnt have quite that many calories ~.^


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Hi mark, I'm wit d others on this 1, it may knock u out of ketosis but certainly shouldn't effect ur weight. Also it's 1 btl of 7up so if u r out of k then u should b back in it quick enough. Also pls don't feel guilty mark, u didn't drink it cause u wanted something nice, u drank it cause u weren't well n u needed sugar. Chin up, ur on this 2 weeks n doin great. Fair play 2 u ;)

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Forget about it and move on. Keep up the water intake. It will help with dizziness, hunger and the plain boredom of not eating.


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Don't think it will affect you at all in the big scheme of things Mark. I'm sure the water and shakes will have flushed it from your system quickly . :)

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Thanks everybody for taking the time to respond to my post i appriciate the support.......turned out i did fall out of ketosis my pharmacist said the same as you guys just foget about it move on and jump staright back on the ketosis wagon!! Turned out i lost 3 ibs on my 2nd weigh in...Would it have been more if i hadnt had that 7up? Mabey so but 3 ibs down is another 3 ibs towards my target so im quite happy with that...Started back in the gym yesterday feeling good and the complients from friends and work collegues really is motivationg to continue my lipotrim jourey......Oh and nothing beats the feeling of buying a smaller size in jeans and t-shirts :)


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Exactly . Gosh none of us are perfect otherwise we would not be dieting would we . Well done on the 3 lbs :) x

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