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I'm not sure of the why Steph, but to much cheese stalls me, every time and I can easily put weioght on if I eat a lot. I'm not the only one either.
You may be one of the lucky ones Steph, you won't know until you try really.


Clean green leafy machine
I'm the same as Jim, Steph, cheese stalls me (and cream).
i lose better if i eat less cheese but i love it too much!
I am lucky as i can eat lots of cheese . The main reason i love eating this way is due to my affection for cheese and my favourite treat to myself is a trip to my local cheese monger. The girl there asked me how i stay so slim i eat so much of the stuff :D I just smiled and said i have no idea ..

Cream does stall me for some reason so i stick to the cheese


i love my family!
Oh I am a cheeseoholic too, love love love it but will just keep it to a minimum......
I eat cheese 3-4 times a day which probably converts to about 150g a day. Check the carbs, if 0 or 0.1g per 100g I wouldn't worry.
I eat a fair bit of cheese too , i lose fairly steady , and while I am guessing i'd likely lose faster without the cheese/cream its a chance i'm willing to take as long as the scales are still going down :)
Cheese is an absolute staple of my diet. Couldn't do low carb without it and definitely eat more than Atkins recommends.

Hasn't stopped me losing, though I dunno if I'd lose faster if I wasn't eating as much.


i love my family!
Well I shall deffo allow myself a chunk of stilton few times a week as I love the stuff. Not bothered about crackers as always eat it straight lol
Stilton is one of my faves! Straight up NEAT!

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