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cheesecake dilemma!! HELP


slow but steady!
really got a craving for cheesecake and thought i would ask you knowledgeable forum dwellers for advice lol!

whats best to use for base? light digestives? some sort of crushed cereal? do i need to use anything to bind the base?

then the filling, got some quark in the fridge but then how could i make that set? would i need to have baked cheesecake?

or i read somewhere about making a cheesecake with sugar free jelly, any ideas anyone??

any help much appreciated as always! need some help on my cheesecake quest!!

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Hey hun I was wondering the same thing, I have looked at the recipe section and some people use light digestives and light marg for the base then use sugar free jelly and quark for the top. There was a really nice berry cheesecake in the SW mag that used Powdered gelatine as well and I was thinking of giving it a go. I'll let you know how I get on.:airquote:
I made a lovely lime cheesecake
Here is the cheesecake made using 2 alpen choc fudge bars for the base and lime curd from the lemon curd recipe I got here, mixed with quark and chilled. There could have been a lot more topping, but since I did not have one of those fancy cheffy rings I had to make do with my scone cutter. It was delicious and a lovely treat to end a meal.
I experimented with a baked cheesecake using quark and eggs with sweetener and a light digestive base...but the base wasn't too crunchy. I think alpen light bars could work, or some people use all bran or bran flakes....
I would either use: -

2 Digestives smashed up and the pushed into the bottom of a little desert bowl or wine glass. Mix a mint choc or orange options with Quark and a little water and spread over. Chill for 30 mins ( or not at all )

2 ginger nuts smashed up in the bottom of the glass. Quark, lemon and lime zest and some juice. Chill in fridge.

I think there are loads of things you can make bases out of.. just finding something you like

Lisa xxx


slow but steady!
thanks will give it a shot! :) still interested in the possibility of a fruity sugar free jelly filling one but duno if could mix jelly with quark??

i di a cheese cake a while ago and used digestives and i think i used geletine to make it set i did follow it out of the slimming world magazine and it was lvli
i think i used geletine to make it set i did follow it out of the slimming world magazine and it was lvli
Sorry not sure what lvli is :confused: but I did this and it was minging! The gelatine formed big lumps in the topping and after 3 hours chilling it went in the bin.

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