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Chemist & refeed

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I know christmas is a few weeks off, but when I went to get weighed last week, I asked about refeeding beforehand. She said that the chemist really doesn't like you refeeding & then going back to 100%, but surely this is the best way to manage things like christmas? I'm worried now, because we're hoping to go to Thailand in February, and there's no way forgoing thai food ;) but if the chemist wont agree to it, what do I do?? Any suggestions ladies? Sorry for the ramble!
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I'd see if there was another chemist nearby!!! I don't think Lipotrim would be impressed that they are being like that with you... your just trying to be sensible.... Thats really quite annoying!!!
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You're right Dee it is! So I take it that's not the norm then?? I might just seek out another chemist then just in case.
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i'd do that too. i know theres at least 4 chemists near me that does LT so i'm sure it wont be too hard for you to find another. when i did LT the first time the chemist told me to go on hol and eat what i wanted then just get back on it when i returned, no mention of refeed. i gained 1st 3lbs in 2 week!!! i no longer go to that chemist xx


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Mackie, LOTS of people refeed and go back to 100%!!! I was just chatting to the girl at the chemist this morning who said folks often do that after Christmas because they're concerned they have put some weight back on. I would phone Lipotrim and get this confirmed so if you need to stick with this same chemist, then you can speak with authority x
That's terrible. The pharmacist is there to support and advise you, not to tell you what they want you to do! I would do as others have suggested, find another pharmacy as they obviously don't put you first!

Good Luck
Clair x


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I find it quite insulting.... your an adult and your trying to make the sensible decision!!! Pffft!!! Lol..


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That doesn't sound like a helpful attitide to me at all! My pharmacist said to me that some of them are really snotty but they take the view that as long as you get back on it then you have got to be doing yourself some good so they should help and encourage you and not chastise you!
I know I have to come up with a strategy for a few things I have coming up - I am going to work in Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks at the end of November and have decided I will stick 100% to LT - at least I can avoid Aeroplane meals lol!
Bu then in December I have my birthday on 3rd when we have a special night booked with a 3 course meal and drinks, my wedding on 17th when I want to eat and drink and enjoy it, Christmas on 25th where I think it would be hard to stick to 100%, then I am off on honeymoon for a week to Prague where I want to be able to enjoy at least breakfast (included in hotel price and meant to be sublime), and dinner and drinks. I thought about refeeding and maybe using some shakes / maintenance packs for some meals and eating no carbs for meals - I know I need to get out and stay out of ketosis if I want to drink alcohol so it's a bit complex but I would seriously appreciate any advice anyone has cos I do not want to put on lots of weight before going back on 100% on 3 January. Oh and just to complicate things further I have an all-inclusive weekend last weekend in January too! Why do these things all come at once lol?
S: 15st0lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st8lb Loss: 3st4lb(21.9%)
Thanks ladies, I did wonder myself tbh if that was right, like you say Dee, I'm trying to make an informed decision, and obviously part of that is knowing when to refeed etc. I'll suggest it again to them and if I get the same reaction I'll call Lipotrim and see what they say. In the meantime I've sourced a new chemist about 5 mins from where I work, so if all else fails I'll go there.

Good luck Lorraine - I think we're all going to have difficulties in December, I for one have got parties, meals out, dinner parties, etc etc. I've not quite sorted my strategy yet, but I know it will include refeed!

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