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Cheryl.......Back or not????


Loves this site!
Hi everyone. Ive been lost without atkins so im thinking of coming back but a few things im worried about. Ive been doning my own thing for a while and due to those reasons (lots of you know) i have gained but where i havent followed a diet for a while im finding it hard to get my head around it. I left atkins due to health reasons but hoping i can do it for a short while and then lower the fat in it to maintain so i dont get the affects from before. I cant really remember what im meant to be eating (i know its meat and lots of green leafy veg so Jim will be happy with me) but its the other bits im lost with. I think my biggest fear is that last time i was here this site ruled my life and i dont get a chance to come on here as much and litereally only stick to a few posts, guess im worried i need you all more than i can be on here. For those of you that know me, will understand what i mean and for the rest of you my brain has a mouse in it that talks to me sometimes so sorry if i dont make sense sometimes!
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Mines a V&T Please
on induction 15g carb come from veg per day the rest may be cheese/cream milk but i have soya.The main atkins sites a good guide


Loves this site!
Well i dont do sf jelly and cream its just not right! Lol. I used to have more than that im sure esp when i made butter chicken or cb pie. Oh why did i make such a decision on a sat. I need Jim


Loves this site!
Oh and i was really silly and leant my book out so doing it blind so to speak and relying on you lot, this sight and what little bits i have stored in my memory


Yummy mummy to be!
Welcome back Cheryl!

Not yo worry im sure you'll pick it back up in no time. Meat and lots of induction veggie are great, up to 4oz of cheese, 3 tsp of splenda, 3 tbsp cream and don't forget MIM's!!


Loves this site!
Thanks Zim hun. How you keeping?

Ive decided that Tues is my official start date! Its Vickys birthday tomorrow so celebrating (although not together) and Mon i have a pre booked lunch date with a friend and she brought cake so Tues it is!


Loves this site!
Thanks hun. I guess once youve found a diet that really works you should never go back. Unfortunately it gave me palpitations but im hoping to lose the weight before this happens again and maintain with a low carb low fat to prevent this happening
you may have left atkins for a while but you didnt leave the forum....i bet loads of stuff youve read in here has gone in and stayed there ;)

get through the menu thread and pick out what you like....if you have questions..shout up!

oh,........welcome back ;) xx

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