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cheryl cole

At a guess..probably about 6 stone..maybe more maybe less!
Tbh i dont think she looks healthy at all..
She has the "lollipop" syndrome going on
have seen her close up - she looks awful. Dont forget TV adds loads to you so she is actually a lot smaller than you think
Im suprised her hair hasnt fallen out or something drastic!
Lol very true, forgot about those hair extensions things.


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Her teeth look bigger than her! lol! She's got a nice smile and stuff but you can see her smiling a mile away she is that thin. There is being thin and healthy and there is Cheryl Cole although shes not as bad as Victoria Beckham! Maybe she cant help it, who knows, but jeeeeeeeeeez!


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My bf loves/loved her! Says she is very pretty but far to thin now!!

I have to agree, she is very pretty but is extremely thin!!


Here we go again!
If she put a bit of weight on she would be gorgeous. Doesn't she want to have kids soon, doubt she'll be able to conceive being that small though.
I think everyone would look as good if they had the help that she does. No shopping, cleaning etc so no broken nails. She has a make up artist and hair stylist everywhere she goes. Someone provides her with the best designer clothes. On X factor at every ad break she goes off to have things "touched up" - no wonder she looks good.
what annoyed me that she was in the papers saying how fat she used to be and that she weighed 9.7 stone! When they showed the pic of her at that weight she actually looked lovely and healthy!

She is very pretty but looks very very frail.


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The ultra skinnies are usually around the seven stone mark, the ones looking anorexic are 6 and a half and below...I mean they can fit into the average 9/10 year old sizes (that's size 0 isn't it?) SCARY!
Very pretty nice girl but i agree 2 thin- she'll need to watch herself if she wants kids like the papers say!
She is attractive yes, but i remember when she beat that woman up in a bar a few years back.

Im not really a fan of the girl dispite her being pretty.
yeah i would think she is around 7 stone too, she is far too tiny! she is doing a hike this week for red nose day, not sure how she will have the energy to hike up a mountain!
apparently she gained weight for that, but then its been reported that thos hiking up the mountain will lose weight due to the exercise! And apparently they had to take chocolate with them to keep them going and Cherly took Maltesers - dedicated skinny! LOL, i am going to need that attitude to maintain


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I bought my daughter a size 0 coat from Florida.....she's 10yrs old and skinny as anything. No hips, boobs, shape at all yet and the coat only just fits her. These women must be scary looking in real life. Why would they want a body like that of a child....I don't understand. I love figures like Beyonce who is very slim, but has curves in all the right places. That is my aim. (I'm sure hubby would love that too LOL).

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