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Chewing Gum

Does anyone know the real reason chewing gum isn't recommended?

My CDC said it was OK providing I didn't chew it for longer than 40secs as it would send signals to my stomach that food was on it's way.

I also know that it does contain a certain amount of carbs, but not sure enough to make a difference?
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The chewing produces enzymes in your mouth which when swallowed can lead to some people feeling hungry.

It never bothered me, but people are different. My CDC recommended putting a Wrigleys Extra or Airwaves under your tongue, so you get the flavour but not the chew. I just chewed it...
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:DI must admit, I CHEW I need 1 weakness, sorry.
ive never stopped chewing gum.
it can make some people hungry when they chew gum but i think thats the same without cd.
chew for 40 seconds.... i dont think so. lol
i chew for at least 30 minutes then discard but within an hour im chewing another one.
i think one thing to remember though is if u are going to chew gum only chew sugar free and mint variety, not fruit as these contain citric acid.

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I was told not to chew gum if could help it as they contain carbs and can make you hungry.

I occassionally have one if im driving purely an old habit. My normal drive is about 45 mins and thats a daily basis.

I did stop having Smints as they also contain carbs and i was getting carried with having them everytime i got papranoid about bad breath.

I now take my tooth brush and tooth paste to work and have a quick brush if im worried about it.

If i was you i'd chew (just not all day), i dont see its going to make a difference, if you find it makes you feel hungry then stop.

Hope that helps haha
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I chew all day long and although it makes me feel more hungry I can handle it.

If you can handle feeling hungry by all means chew away hun (sugar free and citrus acid free though!;)).


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I think you need to be a bit careful. Not just for the hunger thing, but many people believe that chewing on an empty stomach can cause ulcers or other gastric problems.

Best to avoid, or just chew if desperate, and then just for a couple of minutes :)
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whoops again.

i chew whenever i like ( although cdc said only for a minute after i had been chewing gum for awhile) and i chew all varieties of sugar free gum- mint or fruit. been doing this for weeks.

now i am freaking out cos someone just said that all but fruit gums are acceptable.

i don't know if i can stop.

oh boy.


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I chew gum all day everyday. Different flavours (but always sugar free) Hasn't harmed my 7 stone weight loss. :)


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I am a rep and very aware of death breath so i do have a few chews before a call and sometimes for longer but have never found it to make me hungry, if i feel hungry though i just drink water when i am on the road never had any food in the car so don't get tempted.

I don't really bother with it apart from work though.

Muchas Lovas

JS xxx

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