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Chica's not cheating!

Ooo Hello! I thought, after reading everyone's diaries that I might give it a go myself!
Please feel free to comment and make suggestions, I'm very new and this my first week.


Hex A : Skimmed milk, 3 x light babybels
Hex B: 198g new pots, 2x light alpen bar

Breakfast: 4 eggs (free), 3 weight watchers sausages (1.5 syns) Bacon medallions (Free) peppers, onions, mushrooms. Made a frittata :) (only ate half)

Lunch: 1/2 of breakfast frittata with a salad, dressing (1 syn)

Dinner: 2 Pork loin steaks (Free and grilled) steamed veg, 3 tbsp gravy (1 syns)

Fruit: Cherries and Mango!

TOTAL SYNS: 3.5.....so far!
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Sunday 01/08/2010 RED DAY

B: Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes

L: Roast Lamb, butternut squash, Sweet Pots (4.5) Sweetcorn (1.5) Gravy (2) Brocolli, Carrotts

D:Roast Lamb, Salad, 198g New Pots (hexb)

HEXA: Milk, 3 x Baby light bels
HEXB: Pots, light alpen

Syns Total: 8

Snacks: Cherries, Mango, Muller Lite, Blueberries
Also drining 2lts of NAS Squash. (Running to the loo quite regularly now) :eek:
Green day - 02/08/10

B: 2 x Nimble brown bread (hexb) and 3 x Light Laughing cow (hexa)

L: Roast veggies and Ainsley Spice Cous Cous (1 syn as having 150g)

D: Mushroom risotto

Snacks: 2 x alpen light (hexb) Mango, cherries, banana.

Drinks: Coffee(hexa) water

1 syn (so far...) :) 1st WI tmrw, eeeep!
Green day 03/08/10

B: 3 light babybels, banana, 1 alpen light bar.

L: Tuna (hexb) nicoise salad with olives (3 syns) dressing (at a guess 4? syns)

d: Jacket spud, salad and ff cottage cheese n chives.

Hexa: Milk, cheese
Hexb: Tuna, 2 x alpen light

Syns : 7 ata guess :)

First WI tonight, eeeeep!
Yay! A reply!!

Thanks so much, I'm rather excited about tonight, lol.


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Hehe! I remember being sooo nervous on my first night weigh in. I'd never been very good at the whole eating healthy, let us know how you got on! I'll be weighing in tomorrow morning! :p
5.5lbs off! Whooooop!
:banana dancer:​


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Oh wow! That's an excellent start, start as you mean to go on!

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! Onwards and downwards!:bliss:
Thanks Crumble! (Love that name!)​

04th Aug 2010 - Red Day

Hexa : Milk
Hexb: 2 x Alpen Light

B: Running late, grabbed some Sainsbury's Chicken Tikka Slices (Free) Not the most ideal breakfast but had to be quick in supermarket!

L: Salad and chicken Tikka Chunks (1 Syn) Light Mayo (2 syns) Muller Light, Cherries.

D: Im going to try making a SW KFC. Need to find some Bovril though :rolleyes:
Also if i dont have any more Hex's I can make today my first EE? So I can have SW chips with my Kfc!!!

Syns: 3, oh but the day is young yet :p
Red Day 07/08/10

Hexa: Baby Bel light x 3, 2 x extra light Dairylea
Hexb: 2 x Nimble Wholemeal bread, 2 x alpen light

B: Toast with Dairylea
L: SW KFC (amazing!) with salad
D: Grilled steak, Wedges (3 Syns) Salad

Snacks: Alpens, prawns with extra light mayo and sweet chilli sauce.(3 syns) Mulelr Light Cherries

Super hungry day today?! Also having a HUGE craving for banofee cream pie! None in the house and Im not going to the shop, so Im safe!:p
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Red Day 14/08/10


Hexa: Milk, 42g reduced fat cheese
Hexb: Spoonful of olive oil, 3 x Wholegrain Ryvita

B: Ryvitas with quark and smoked salmon (its free, I cant believe it!!! :D)

L: 3 x WW sausages (1.5) 2 eggs, red peppers onion and cheese (hexa) fried in Oil (hexb)

D: 4 x ryvita (4 syns) 2 topped with salmon and quark, 2 with 56g of avocado (5 syns) 3 slices of parma ham (1.5) 8 olives (1) A few slices of cooked chicken and tomatoes.

I loved dinner so so much, took the time to have what I wanted but synned the lot, this isn't a diet!!! YAY!

Syns: 13
15/08/10 Red Day

Hexa: Milk, LF Feta
Hexb: Olive Oil, 198g Pots

B: 3 x ww Sausages (1.5) Eggs and BBQ Beans (4)

L: Roast Lamb, Roast BNS, Cous Cous 56g (3) LF Feta 42g (Hexa)

D: Tuna Niscoise Salad, 8 olives (1)

Snacks: Mango and Strawbs, Muller light

Syns: 9.5
Green Day 16/08/2010

Hexa: Milk, Parmasean cheese 28g
Hexb: Olive Oil, 2 x Light alpens

B: Naughty! Skipped breakfast but had a Mullerlight (1 syn) at work.

L: Pasta and home made pesto (6 syns for extra olive oil as used Olive oil and Parm cheese as Hex & B)

D: Butternut squash and cous cous with salad.

Snacks: mango and strawberries.

Syns: 7 so far ;)
Green day 17/08/10

B: 3 x babybels (hexa) Alpen lights (hexb) Milk with coffee (hexa)

L: Salad, 42 gr feta (6syns)

D: quorn mince with pasta and sauce

Snack: Strawberries, Muller light.

Feeling really blah today, WI tonight I really want a nice loss but probably will be onyl 1lb. I know I know 'only' 1lb but I just want this weight off and FAST!
Mind you if I get 1lb I will get my first shiney, 1/2 stone award. Just remembered this so feeling a bit more positive :)

Patience is a virture :(
Totally demoralised and fed up. Cant be arsed to write a diary.


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