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chicken and mango - not sure

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Thats what we are having for tea tonight, chicken with a mango sauce and rice and salad. Sounded lovely earlier in the week but now not so sure. Do many of you cook fruit with meat and if so what combos do you do.

Our favourites are chicken curry with bananas and a caribean beef dish with pineapple. Sounds very strange but they are delish - honest.
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Sounds lovely! I really like the combination of fruit and meat, sweet and savoury together.

One of the most delicious meals out I had was a Peruvian fruit stew, so unusual! I like apricots in my lamb tagine, orange and lemon in my roast vegetables, pork and apple, oooh and how could I forget gammon and pineapple?! Mmm! I like pineapple on pizza (not that I ever eat pizza now, obviously ;) ) and if I have Chinese takeaway I often have something with pineapple in too.
And, one of the wierdest sounding but surprisingly delicious things I've had is banana chunks wrapped in bacon, cooked on the bbq. It's gorgeous and I totally recommend trying it come summer next year.

Enjoy your chicken and mango - I think it'll be lovely :)
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Chicken and mango is yummy! I make a lovely salad with spicy chicken, mango and feta cheese. Go for it!!


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CG, I think that sounds absolutely lovely - I love fruit and meat cooked together, when I make a Chicken Dansak I always add some pineapple chunks to it.

Pineapple and Mango are two of my very favourite fruits, and I eat lots of chicken, so I am coming to your house for dinner tonight, LOL....

Enjoy your meal, it will be delicious. X


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Sounds lovely. I love a meat and fruit combo. Would be nice with a fresh red chilli in the sauce for a bit of a kick.
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I love the taste of sweet (fruit) and savoury (meat). My all time fav is pork chops which are cooked with mustard, sweet sherry, brown sugar, and orange juice. Sadly, can't have it now as the syn content would be huge, unless of course, I can rethink as to how to make it syn friendly!

How did your chicken and mango turn out, did you enjoy? Sounded lovely to me.
G: 10st10lb
Oh my word peeps, the chicken and mango was just a little bit ever so delish.
Deffinately be having it again. Had it with rice and tinned green beans and they were a disaster, tasted horrid, Aldi ones, there stuff is usually pretty good but not these. Anyway, thanks for the replies guys and I will try and get receipe on here later on today, kids permitting.


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I don't mind fruit with savoury foods...
One of the most unusual combinations I've tasted was (before I was doing SW) a prawn curry that had banana in....OH had it when we went for a meal, which I was surprised at as he don't experiment very often...But it was stunning...Very odd but it worked...

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