Chicken satay urgent


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Please post any PP requests in the PP Queries section

Have you tried searching in there for satay, you may find someone has already asked.



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Thanks, very new to this haha. Yeah I've been looking over the last few days haven't found anything :( I'll prob just go with chicken chow mein :( would've liked the option. I'm sure I'll find out at sone stage :)


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Sadly that's discovery plan not pro points :( maybe no ones worked it out yet! I'll ask in my meeting. But I know peanuts are high so it might be v. High :( always the lovely foods haha. It's my weakness!


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thought i'd mention sandalicious.. PP wont show up cos its too short of a word.. which is silly you're right.. i asked pierce about something at one point. i think it was the word syn, something to do with five bean chillie when i was searching for it.. that it would bring up too many results or something if it wasnt long enough, but it is very confusing!