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chicken soup


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Rohypnol ? :D
lol, guess nothing makes it taste anybetter then. Looks like il be going back to chemist tomorrow and swapping them for shakes :) nevermind il make the chocolate into hot chocolate if i want something warm


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Hi I actually liked the soup although it didn't like me as I am allergic to it.
I replied to your query on keostix on another post but just in case you didn't spot it I thought I would copy it on here for you. You could have got an answer by now but wishing you all the best

S Whinfrey
Sorry I don't know about keto sticks as I don't use them but ketosis kicks in after 3 days, differs for everyone. My chemist claims it may take longer when you have more weight to begin with. I know I lost well in my first week but still felt a little shaky till week 2 was over but not hungry, just blood sugar drops. Best of luck.
thanks so much, didnt spot your reply so it has helped. Have a alot of weigtht to lose, but seem to be finding it a little easier today think
may be because i had my shakes later today which seem to have made a differnce to me on a night time. Thanks all Sammy xx


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Just wanted to say hi Sammy.....I am one of the few that actually find the soup ok, but I make it with around 400ml of hot water rather than 250ml....it is a bit diluted..although I can have it with less water too.

I know you are going to change them, but there is a big debate about putting anything into shakes.....look at your plastic bag and see what is allowed on LT; not much to be honest! Salt is a definite no, no though...just thought I should let you know.

Hope you are doing ok and have a great week!

Take care
Not meant to add anything to the soups i'm afraid.

However, you could add coffee to vanilla/choc. Some make the choc/vanilla up with peppermint tea (sorry, it makes me heave even thinking about it!). And i keep meaning to try a strawberry+choc combo but never quite get round to it.
also, are you a tea or coffee drinker? i have found huge comfort in very weak black tea and normal/strong black coffee, as i didn't enjoy the shakes hot and went off the chicken soup quite early on.

if you haven't previously been a tea/coffee drinker i'd say it's worth trying - very different and the tea is refreshing too.
thanks for all your replys, gonna give the soups a rest for a while until i think i might be able t face tem again, dont find the shakes too bad was a bit yuk to start with but finding them quite nice now (never thought i would say that). i normally drink black coffee any way but have found peppermint tea nice and refreshing, gonna give green tea a shot today. anyone got any recomendations on any other tea's that are out there. dont like normal tea black so thats a no go .
sammy x
p.s feel great today thing ketosis may be working woohoo me
any leaf tea is fine. so you've got earl grey, white tea, oolong, lapsang suchong. no to camomile or any other flower or fruit teas. not sure about lady grey.

i found having them very very weak really helped - i must have gone about 20 weeks with no tea but with experimentation i found out how i liked it and now i think i have made up for the weeks without tea!!

you can add tablet sweetener (hermesetas is fine) too, if you like.
Hi Sammy, you're braver than me, one soup put me off and I never tried another!!! I wasn't keen on the hot chocolate either (love it cold) so would drink plenty of black coffee if I felt cold.

Good luck, you may feel you have a long journey ahead of you but it is definitely doable. I was on LT for 8 months last year and shed 9 stone - a shame I couldn't keep it off. LT is a lot easier than maintaining the loss. Lesson learned for me!


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