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Chicken soup

It tastes like a weak cup-a-soup - add black pepper or a little chilli powder for extra taste - great if you fancy a warm 'meal'
thats great thanks I didnt realise I could use pepper and chilli powder I will def try that next week.
Oh dont tell me its that bad, I have added in a few chocolate shakes this week but am terrified to try them to.
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Sad as I am, I actualy like the chicken! Like to have it as my "cooked" evening meal! It is a shame there arent other soup type options. Chicken and vanilla are my 2 favs.
Chicken soup -

Ever tasted a freshly roasted free range chicken? - it's nothing like that :(

ever tasted going off milk, with a powdery kind of lumpy, gloopy thing going on?? - it's exactly like that :(
well Im just strawberry and vanilla at the moment and Im afraid I will get bored so I am thinking of trying the others
Oh dont tell me its that bad, I have added in a few chocolate shakes this week but am terrified to try them to.
Chocolate is just like a weak version of Maccy D's (if you close your eyes tight) lots of crushed ice, cold cold water mixed until frothy, sexy straw and long glass - nice :D
That gloopy gone off milk thing doesnt sound too good
Thats a good idea for the chocolate that might be my friday night treat
i used to only have chocolate,still have that but with spoon of coffee and some ice,soooooo nice and the same with vanilla,spoon of coffee,lots of ice and have to drink from a straw it tastes better lol if i do start to refeed this weekend i will actually miss drinking them, its a shame u cant just buy seven shakes for a week because i think i would use them as a meal replacement for one meal a day every day...xxx
Hey Nicki - can't you do that on maintenence ??
best of luck with the refeeding it must be kind of scaey how lng have you been doin LT
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Hey Nicki - can't you do that on maintenence ??
I def need to start finding out more about maintenance?? I havent got a clue really cos i never really wanted to know about it until the time....

I am hoping to move to maintenance after I refeed. I love having shakes... its so simple and easy and convenient!

Plus not shopping and cooking - well i really dont miss it to be honest! So i would like to replace some meals with shakes...

Im def going to ask about this all at my weigh in on wednesday...

Cant believe im so close to goal now - its kind of freaky but exciting.... if i get my goal on wednesday of loosing 4 pounds then i will only have 8 pounds to go... wow!!!

jeeeze. freaky. eh!?


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Hiya Nicola F,
Chicken soup is sooooo gorgeous with black pepper and mixed herbs. I have one every night for my tea. Make sure you use an electric hand blender and you wont get any horrible lumpy bits. It is really nice honest.
Add a spoon of coffee to the chocolate to make a nice choca mocha, or about a spoon and a half to the vanilla to make an iced latte. You can also have the chocolate hot or make it with peppermint tea to make a mint choc. Now the flapjacks thats another story all together. Don't listen to anyone - they are like s**t on a stick (without the stick).

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