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Chickpea Popcorn


Silver Member
They never go crunchy with me, so I'd love to know the secret too.
arent you supposed to spray them in frylight??? I havent tried them yet...bit scared to!!! Lol


Silver Member
Oh, yeah, I do use Frylight. I wonder if I am to liberal with it!?
They taste nice, just the texture is nothing to write home about.
Well mine was a bit crap to be honest, and I forgot to use Frylite, and I put too much Curry Powder on cos I thought it was Tikka and it werent, I still eat them, but they was just real spicy soggy ball things, I dont know where popcorn comes into it, Ive never bought popcorn like that.

They tasted like Peas that was burned in the pan and then someone tried to save them (me) with Curry Powder, in some strange ritual that failed, but again, they still got eaten.

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