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Chinese for supper? HELP.......

My only advice would be to order plain rice rather than egg fried...but as far as the main dishes go, I'm really not sure - maybe a chow mein? Whatever you do, stay clear of duck, or anything fatty like that.

Whenever I've had a take-away I haven't taken my Xenical so I don't know what you would or wouldn't get away with...Sorry to not be much help, but I didn't want to read and run!
I wouldn't have chow mein, as if its like my local take away it will be fried. If we're having a take away, I usually have chicken with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts with a portion of boiled rice. It's quite bland though, but then when I've had it, I've never had a reaction :)
If that doesn't float your boat (lol), how about something like chicken and pineapple with boiled rice?
Ok, thanks guys, have had a quick read,, to be on safe side, think I am not going to take pill and then have something fairly sensible as well, although the chow mein is calling my name?
At least if I dont take the blue pill I wont be on toilet all tomorrow will I?
How did it go as Xenical stay sin your system for 72 hours so if you take it regulary and miss one you could still have side effects!
Ok at the moment, I didnt take my pill and lunchtime or evening, I had a bottle of wine in evening:) and 3/4 of a chow mein which did seem a little greasy, but also I am not use to eating it now so probably notice it more..... not had any side effects yet but I think I will have to see how the day go, not going anywhere today... just look at all that rain!! Will have to really stop myself from getting on scales this morning as this could really make me miserable all day, think I shall go on the wii fit..;)


Violet is shrinking
Have you thought of doing your own chinese, if you use dried egg noodles instead of the fresh ones, and you can buy the chinese ready packed for a stir fry,its fairly low and you could get away with a sauce that isnt too oily :)

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