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choc shakes, vile

Hi 8 2 much

I find the choc shakes abit bland so put a sweetner in it, & find it tastes much better, but I don't really have them on there own much.

I find by mixing choc/straw shakes & choc/banana shakes together they are much more tasty.

I also mix strawberry/vanilla/banana together which makes a lovely fruit smoothie, delicious. hope this helps.
I have trouble mixing the chocolate shakes nothing I do seems to get the lumps out and I was so looking forward to having a nice hot chocolate but all I get are lumps. :mad:

I don't have the problem with any of the other shakes.
Can you exchange them? In my first week we tried at least one of everything and then could go in after a couple of days and exchange packs we didn't like. I'm on a different diet though so maybe it's not the same.
Don't bin them !!! I love them. I have them hot with 3 tablet sweeteners and they mix really easily and lump free with a battery operated milk frother. If you hate them swap them with me for strawberry or mushroom soup or something ?
If you blend the shakes with lots of ice using a blender they're nice and thick and just like melted icecream or a Starbucks frappucino. Well....almost ;-)


Happy Little Bunny
The chocolate shake is really rank...it's the only product that lets Exante down in my opinion.
oh thanks for that, i did that this evening and even though it nearly killed me with the cold it was indeed refreshing. With diet it looks like I have to be creative
Lovely Shannon,

Have you tried choc hot yet ? It really won't kill you, will it? It's all about change,

"embrace,enjoy,enthuse" do I sound mad? I probably am, but this is my new mantra.It is better than my old one which was "excuse,excuse,excuse"

tablet sweeteners are ok. I have all the shakes hot. Much more comforting and warming.
anyone want to swap their shakes for soups, i'm not to keen on the soups, glad i only ordered one of the mixed bumper pack, I ordered just shakes for the rest of them :)

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