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chocaslims food diary


adores posting
Hi there ive been browsing through some of the food diaries posted on here and seen the support you give each other. i started on the 6th April and weighed in at 10.13lb on tuesday i weighed in at 10.11.1/2lb.:) i'm really enjoying slimming world and want to succeed so any support is welcome x

I havent done this before so not sure if ive posted this in the right place.

i'm starting my diary from wednesday this wk.
Wednesday: EX EASY
Breakfast-mushroom & red pepper omlette with 1tbsn red sauce.

Lunch-cous cous, mushrooms, peppers, tuna, 1xtbsn of ex light mayo. (only ate half wasn't that hungry).

Dinner- Mackeral fillet, with left over lunch.
HEB=Hi fi bar.
Syn's= mayo x2=1 syn
red sauce=1 syn
x3 mikado=1.5 syn

breakfast=2xweetabix, milk HEA & HEB
Lunch= tescos beef ravioli 0.5 syns, clementine, half a banana.Dinner=Salmon and a large salad with fat free fromage frais
SYNS=funsize milky way=3.5syns (i keep these in the freezer and have it at bedtime yum!
x2 mikado=1syn
175 Rose wine =6 syns

Friday= EE
Breakfast:baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms.
Lunch= Ravioli,Fruit and fat free fromage frais.
Dinner=Quorn pieces,plain spaghetti,purple sprouting and quark.
HEA=Diarylea triangles ex light
HEB=x2 alpen lite bars
Syns=x1 slice of homemade scan bran and mincemeat cake =2 syns (11syns per cake 2syns per slice)
x1 milky way funsize=3.5
x2 mikado=1syn
grateful of any comments x
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adores posting

Breakfast=bacon,poached egg, Red sauce 1tbsn.2x ww bread.

Lunch=risotto,(rice,pepper,mushrooms,onion,veg stock.

Dinner=rest of risotto,salad and quorn peices.

HEA=2x dairylea light triangles
HEB=2x ww bread from breakfast
syns- 2x 175ml rose wine with soda.=12
1 tbsn red sauce=1
1 tbsn extra light mayo=0.5
sw homemade xmas cake=2
funsize milky way=3.5
=19 ooops


adores posting
Hi there,
havent been here for a while wasnt sure if ive been doing it right and paniced abit must be doing something right though because i lost 2.5lb on tuesday so decided il write it all down again as got a tricky weekend coming up what with the bank hols:eek:
Breakfast:Toast,poached egg and beans.

Lunch:Debenhams with a friend had jacket potato with beans and extra salad.

Dinner:pasta,with tomatoes,onion,
pepper,orange and 2x quorn sausages,veg.

HEA=light cheese triangle
HEB=bread,oats 28g

SYNS= Mayo 2.0
1x mikado 0.5
3x choc fingers 4.5
milky bar buttons 3.5 =10.5


adores posting
Hi, thought i'd update now not feeling great, think i'm coming down with something.
been horse riding to day and also ache like mad but thats my exercise.
Saturday= ee

Breakfast-fruit and ff yoghurt.
snack- hifi bar and banana
Lunch-poached eggs x2 and salad with ww ceasar dressing.
Dinner-steak,potatoes,mushy peas,corn on the cob,carrots
syns=mikado-1.0 heA-milk
choc fingers x3 -4.5 heB-hi fi bar
rose wine-6.0
fun bar-3.5


adores posting
Sunday - going green today
L,large mushroom topped with beans,poached egg,tinned tomatoes and two quorn sausages.
D,71g cooked chicken no skin,potatoes,veg,swede and 1 tbsp of red sauce.
HEA=milk HEB=alpen light bars x2
and cereal.
SYNS=red sauce-1.0


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eek :eek: just realised ive messed up today and had 3 HEBs cereal,alpen bars,chicken i always forget to count in the meat on green days think i,ll do extra easy from now on its more straight forward for me i only had 1x alpen light bar so will count that a syns which makes 17.5:sigh:


adores posting
hi, well after yesterdays slip up i think i,m all sorted out now
Monday-extra easy.
Breakfast=large mushroom,poached egg,tinned tomatoes,beans,bacon.
Lunch=pasta and tomato packet mix and salad.
Dinner=Jacket,swede,carrots,cheese triangle,half a gammon steak.
HEA=cheese triangles HEB=alpen light barsx2
syns=pink & white-2.5
sw bun-1.5 (i made them even smaller and divided the syns).


adores posting
tuesday weighed in and maintained but expected that due to * wk. so here we go
Tuesday- GD
HEA=28g cheese HEB=porridge oats.
Breakfast-porridge made with water and reduced fat creme fraiche.
Lunch- tinned spaghetti,fruit.
Dinner-Fish,jacket,cheese triangle,mushy peas.
syns=galaxy ripple 9.0
wine 1/2 bottle of tesco light choices 2.5.
sw cakes 3.0
x3 choc fingers 4.5

i have planned tomorrows now-

HEA=28g cheese
HEB=x2 Alpen lights.
Breakfast-x2 Alpen light bars.
Lunch- pasta,cheese,veg and salad.
Dinner- held at alpha so will update after.
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adores posting

Breakfast-x2 alpen light bars
Lunch-Tinned spaghetti,banana,orange.
Dinner- smash pizza with tinned toms and apple and cheese 28g. with quorn pieces.
HEA-28g cheese
HEB-alpen light bars x2 and x2 ryvita.
syns=funsize crunchie-5.5?
x3 chocolate fingers-4.5

Thank you for reading my diary any advice is apprieciated.


adores posting
Friday- green.

Breakfast=A large mushroom with a poached egg,tomatoes.
Lunch=Jacket potato,beans.
HEA-milk HEB-porridge
syns=choc finger 1.5
cake 8.0
funsize 4 total=13.5


adores posting

Breakfast-2x quorn sausages, egg, toms, onion, 2x wholemeal nimble, red sauce.
Lunch-rice, veg, quorn mince, tomatoes.
ff yoghurt.
Dinner- smash pizza with apple and cheese-28g, herbs.
HEA=28g cheese
HEB=wholemeal bread.
Syns=mini areo-3.0
red sauce-1.0
mini magnium-8.5


adores posting
Sunday- Extra Easy

Lunch=chicken no skin,carrots,broccoli,cauliflower,roast potatoes in fry light.
Dinner=pasta quills,carrots,28g cheese,ff natural yoghurt and garlic and seafood sticks.
HEA=28g cheese
HEB=ready brek
syns= x4 choc fingers=6.0
milky bar buttons treat size=3.5
shapers bar=4.0
(love chocalate should cut down but feel deprived if i do) but hey i'm below my syns so never mind lol.:p
I noticed on friday when you did green you had fish but it wasnt syned or a HeB?
Everything else looks good!
I noticed on friday when you did green you had fish but it wasnt syned or a HeB?
Everything else looks good!
I never liked the alpens when on ww but i really like them now, addictive arnt they


adores posting
Monday - Green Day
Breakfast-porridge made with water and banana and ww yoghurt.
Lunch-Jacket potato and beans, tomatoes.
Dinner-Quorn bolengnaise and spaghetti.
HEA=28g cheese.
HEB=porridge and more porridge(supper).
syns= milky way 3.5
shapers 4.0
x2 choc fingers 3.0
funsize caramel dairy milk 4.0

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