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Chocolate and easter - copable?


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I'm just trying to look at it as I'll have a supply of chocolate for a long time and I won't have to spend money on more when I need a quick chocolate fix :p I'm hoping that will work and I won't just go mad and destroy it all on the same day lol. Thats if people even get me eggs, since they all know i'm trying to lose weight lol.
I don't do anything for Easter, im to old to get my easter presents, anything that I do get will be money. I figure if I can lose half a stone over christmas, I can do it again over Easter x
OMG chocolate is my biggest weakness.... Someone already came by and brought a 'gift' in the form of a giant jar of chocolate eggs, and I just cant help myself! I dont know how I am going to survive our Easter Sunday lunch plans at a friends house - they keep talking about all the chocolate for the kids.... I think I am going to resign myself to it but allow myself ONE DAY ONLY of easter treats, and the rest of the holiday do what I always do (so long as no well meaning guest resupplies me) and just not buy any chocolate products and keep my house chocolate free (and thus myself)

I hope :)


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I have 2 15g bars of Green & Blacks milk chocolate and totted the 70 odd calories in each into the day's allowance on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (You can buy that size from their direct website) that way even though it is tiny, I will feel like I am having a whole bar lol. Having not eaten chocolate in 9 months I am sure even 15g will feel amazingly decadent to me!


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i love chocolate but easter egg chocolate does not do anything for me at all. i think it tastes different to a normal bar.so i fine it really easy to resist. i have 2 kids so its not like there is not any in the house.


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Easy, the few I have being issued to me are being given to my fiance! Even the ones he has purchased me I have told he can eat. There are some people that know I wont eat chocolate so htey are buying me a bunch of flowers instead. I'd get much more pleasure from flowers than chocolate nowadays.

I am making easter cakes on Friday, sponge cakes. Going to decorate them with icing sugar and mini eggs. Plan to make some chocolate nests too. Cant wait to cook, something I love to do!


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My Hubby and I are going to visit my sister for the weekend, we are leaving the 'kids'....18 and 21 ;) at home with their eggs with instructions that they must be gone by the time we get back:eek:
I wish I could be as strong as the rest of you.. I need to be really careful as I'm doing Go Lower and am in ketosis at the moment. I've been absolutely fine and had no cravings for chocolate, but I know this weekend is going to be bad, and if I come out of ketosis will have to start over....what a pain..Oh well, Easter=Chocolate, will have to wait and see. Maybe the kids and OH will eat it all and I'll get just a little nibble! Fingers crossed.

Good luck everyone.


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You can do it hchappyh! Resist the temptation, think how good your going to be feeling if you do. Maybe it would be an idea to keep an egg and keep it for when you reach your goal - use it as a reward; that way your not punishing yourself you are just choosing when YOU want to eat it.

Easter is a celebration; but I do think it is far far too over the top - just like christmas!
I'll still be eating chocolate, if I want it.

The only thing I don't have is fizzy drinks. Everything else I have in moderation :D
I work in m&s simply food. We have had easter eggs in for a while now, I have just told myself NO. There is a monster size one and it looks amazing, I bet it tastes lush oooooo. It's especially hard when we get given a treat for being good and there is chocolate cake in the staff canteen for everyone to have and it's not just any chocolate cake it's an m&s choccy cake. Every day in work I want something but I just tell myself its not worth it.

I think if you want, have it's only once a year but don't go mental and you will have to work extra hard at the gym to work it off.

As I have no self control once I start so I am not having at all.


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I try not to treat myself with chocolate - i think if i treat it as a reward once i get to target i will allow myself to eat it when i shouldnt!!

I've told everyone not to dare get me chocolate, for those that dont listen it will be given to my OH who will be more than happy to recieve them :) - i'll just have to stay away from him until he's eaten them!! lol

Because i still live at home i have to deal with being around chocolate and things a lot, my little brother is always offering me something and it's so hard to resist so i shouldnt think this will be any different.

My only struggle will be that i have my nans 100th birthday party Monday!! Im driving and so wont be drinking but just food will be the issue as ill be travelling for most of the day!
Thanks everyone. Tempting as it all is, will DO my best to stay away. Summer I'm abit like you, once I start eating chocolate, I just can't stop. Maybe just a creme egg....oh here I go again...no it'll have to be nothing otherwise, who knows where I'll end up weight wise!

Good luck to all those choco holics out there. It's gonna be tough, but lets keep strong together.



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or have a little bit and do that little bit extra exercise!

I am so lucky having a fiance like mine, he loves chocolate - with him I dont get a look in. My father asked me what easter egg I would like, I said I would much prefer a bunch of flowers. How girlie am I getting!

Happy Easter people!

Bunch of flowers, yeah may have to go down that route.... but then when I see the kids eating their eggs, will be hard not to pinch abit - I guess the plus side is they will only let me have a little!!


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