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Where's Skinny Minnie?
I save my syns for the evening as that's when I want something sweet too. There's so much free food you can eat I avoid spending syns on meals if I'm going to want sugar later (TOTM mainly!). If I get a craving in the day I fob myself off with a dark chocolate highlights (only 1.5 syns) and then I've still got enough to have an ounce of smarties or a highlights mousse or a couple of mini milks or a skinny cow lolly etc...
Smarties tonight :)


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Oh and mugs of warm SF vimto help me too, if I'm full of liquid I don't fancy sweets. Nice and cosy with the way the weather's been.


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You really need to get yourself the start up books! Almost all of your questions are explained in detail in there. Have you seen the suggestions on another thread, about joining for one week (£4.50) to get your books?

I'm not a big chocolate person, but I do like quark mixed with sweetner and an options sachet.
cant afford to join at the minute and no child care. ive asked about on here if anyone has any old books unwanted and id pay postage but not much luck. what is quark?


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You'd only need to join for one week (£4.50 if you take advantage of the offer someone else mentioned to you). That will get you all you need to get going, and is WAY cheaper than buying off ebay, and not much more than you'd need to pay someone for postage. Honestly, I think that's your best bet. I'm sure most classes welcome kids....and even if they don't like it, tough, you'll only be there once anyway! lol


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Most groups don't mind if you take kids along, a few of the Mom's at our group bring theirs if the OH isn't home. It's only £5 admin to join at the moment (think it's normally £10) so there's no time like the present. It's not really a diet you can follow properly without the books, the weekly menus in the magazine don't give you the same freedom.
u can take kids with u u know.
i have small treat size bag of buttons or mini milky bar 3.5
or u could use new muller lights to crave choccy craving i also find drinking coke helps me.
u can get books on ebay not sure of the price


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I take my kids with me if needs be but don't stay to image therapy on those times. Not fair on everyone else... but up til now it hasn't been a problem, there had been babies in pram, being fed or kids running round. I think as long as your leader is happy with them being there, and besides about 80% of members are mothers then what does it matter ???


want to be me again ...
I go to a morning meeting ..and to be honest i love the little ones there ..they make us oldies smile and give their mum a well needed hour of their time ..so dont worry about taking them cos some of us love them xxxx


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a curly wurly is 6 syns I think. If you put it in the fridge, it takes ages to eat if you try ;)

TBH, I rarely have chocolate, because once I start, I want more, so I avoid it and it didn't take long to stop craving it. If I want something sweet I'll have an aldi opti fit yogurt. The museli ones are really nice. It might sound a bit crappy replacing chocolate with a yogurt but it's sweet and takes away the craving for sweet stuff.
highlights hot choc is awesome and only 2 syns.............i make a thermo mug full each night and it stays hots for ages and it really helps with the choc attacks......:)

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