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Chocolatecat's Atkins Diary...


One day at a time :)
After buying and reading the book last week, I am starting Atkins on Monday 28th March weighing 15st 7 (weighing 18lbs less than when I started my weight loss journey!).

I have stocked the fridge up with plenty of allowed vegetables, meats, allowed cheeses, eggs & creams... & I'm feeling really excited!

Tomorrows meals should look like this:

B: Gluten Free sausage (1 or 2), 1 or 2 eggs & 1 cup mushrooms.
L: 1 tin of tuna, 2 tbsp full fat mayo & 1 cup salad.
D: Roast chicken (with the skin!!!!! My favourite part!), 1 cup broccoli & cauliflower cheese (made with cream & cheese!)
Snacks: Pepperami or hard boiled eggs if needed!
Drinks: Water or sugar free squash

I am so excited! This is all food that I love to eat anyway just minus the potatoes, rice, bread & sugar! But I've been going practically sugarless (except for chocolate) for a while so it won't be so bad...

The only thing I may forget about is milk... will have to keep reminding myself cream not milk!

I'm dying to start today but we're going to enjoy a nice roast pork dinner & I'm going to enjoy my mash & roast sweet potatoes for I won't be eating those for a while :rolleyes:
Plus, I'm trying to teach myself that speed is not everything lol!:D

Well, I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how I'm doing... off to read some other diaries now :)

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Clean green leafy machine
Welcome Cat and all the best, you're off to the best start :)


Silver Member
Welcome, cat. Chicken with the skin may be one of the yummiest foods known to man. Enjoy your mash, and if you fancy any after today have cauliflower mash instead - I even prefer it! Anyway it looks like you have this all sussed out - and you can have a little milk as long as you have carbs left over for it, but soya milk (unsweetened) surprised me by being just as good for negligible carbs.


One day at a time :)
Thank you ladies :) Thanks for the info Rosebug... I do like a splash of milk in my tea!

Hubby put the pork joint in the freezer yesterday when the delivery arrived so we won't be having that today! So... I decided to just go ahead and start today :)

I had 1 x sausage, 1 x egg & 1 x cup sliced mushrooms for brekkie... yum!
I even said to DH "this seems too easy for a diet!"

I plan to have a chicken mayo salad at lunch time (there's chicken to be used up!) & creamy chicken & broccoli for my dinner :)

I've already had a pint of water & will have another 3 before the end of the day :) Just about to take my measurements!


Clean green leafy machine
I had 1 x sausage, 1 x egg & 1 x cup sliced mushrooms for brekkie... yum!
I even said to DH "this seems too easy for a diet!"
You'll be saying that a lot hun! :)


One day at a time :)
Well, ill count yesterday as a break in day & start officially today...

B: 1 carb free sausage, 1 egg & 100g mushrooms
L: mattesons smoked sausage
D: 2 x pork steaks, 1tbsp mayo & 2 cups salad
Snacks: 1 mini babybel, 1 mini pepperami & sugar free jelly with 3 tbsp cream


One day at a time :)
Today's menu plan:

B: 1 sausage, 1 x egg, 100g mushrooms
L: egg mayo & 1 cup salad
D: homemade turkey burgers & 1 cup brocolli & cauliflower with cheese
Drinks will be 4pts minimum water
Snacks will be pepperami/hard boiled eggs as required


Clean green leafy machine
Looks good - but you could do with more leafy greens, try some cauli mash (yummy) or some steamed spinach.


Clean green leafy machine
As Jim says, three big mugs of veg :) Helps with clearing out your system :)


One day at a time :)
Thank you :) I was a bit terrified of eating too much veg on induction!

I'm feeling a little more hungry today. It's right that I should eat low carb/carb free snacks to keep satisfied between meals right?


One day at a time :)
Hi kitty, thanks :)

I want to do this properly, don't want to waste anymore time. I'd kick myself if I was making silly mistakes that would slow my weight loss!


This is for life
All looking good. Welcome and good luck:)


One day at a time :)
Thank you ladies...

Yesterday I ate:

B: sausauge, egg & mushrooms
L: Smoked sausage & 90g cheese
S: 1 x mini pepperami
D: Homemade turkey burgers & brocolli & cauliflower
S: 2 x boiled eggs & smoked sausage
Drinks: 1 x coffee with cream & 4 pints water

I was really hungry yesterday... I do feel like I ate far too much but I think that's only because I'm not used to being able to eat this much eating a low fat/high carb diet!

Today will be a good day... the sun is shining & I've already done half my housework!

Food for today:

B: 2 x boiled eggs
L: egg mayo & leafy salad
D: Tuna & egg salad
Snacks: Jelly, pepperami, cheese
Drinks: 1 x black coffee & at least 4 pints of water

We were supposed to have roast chicken tonight but the cat muched his way through half the whole chicken I left on the draining board to defrost overnight!! :eek:
I can cook it but will have to give it to the cats now! :cry:

I feel OK today. Woke up with a slight niggly headache which I feel could burst into a proper one any time if I don't drink enough water! I might take 2 paracetamol now to keep it at bay...

I am on day 3 now... oh how time flies! :rolleyes:


Silver Member
You're not eating too much at all! Just keep up your veg intake. You're doing really well.

The headache is something many of us get for a couple of days when were getting into ketosis. It's a good sign so fight through it.


One day at a time :)
Good morning happy campers...

Yesterday didn't go like I'd planned... I ended up not eating enough :(

This is what I'm going to try for today...

B: 2 eggs & 2 sausages
L: brocolli & cauliflower cheese & sausage
D: tuna steak with garlic butter & rocket & cucumber salad
Snacks: if required, scrambled/boiled/fried eggs or pepperami
D: 1 coffee with cream & at least 4 pints water

I'm not really feeling any ketosis symptoms yet & I'm on day 4... hope I am in ketosis though...

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