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Chocolatecat's food diary...


One day at a time :)
OK, I've been writing in the what we've eaten today thread but I think it's easier for me to start my own diary!

Today I went to buy new running shoes and clothes for exercise. I came home to find my new exercise DVD had been delivered woo! (Colleen Nolan's Disco Burn, very fun!) :D

I have been a little naughty today and have eaten a pastry and a with panini with tuna and cheese! oops!

But I made up for it by doing 20mins of the new DVD and will balance it out with a very low cal dinner :)

I feel just as confident as I did 2 weeks ago that I can do this. When I slip up it is not thhe end of the world... I just keep going and try to make allowances for the slip up :)

Now that I have my new trainers I can break them in and get going gradually building up my running :)

Will update tomorrow! xx
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One day at a time :)
hello, just wanna say that i like your motivation, wish i could say the same about me, i feel like giving up.
I think its easier for me because I really enjoy healthy foods - brown rice, chicken, eggs, fish, veggies... I enjoy eating them! And I do enjoy exercise... when I get up to do it!

If you think about it, its not really a "diet" it's a healthier lifestyle.

Your head has to be in the zone for you to succeed so try not to think about it badly. You can eat what you want in moderation but it's up to you to make better food choices.

You really should take a bit of time to think about yourself, your body. An hour out of your day for fitness is time for you, nobody else.

Remember, if you dont stick close to your plan it affects nobody else, you're only cheating yourself:rolleyes:

Good luck sweetie, I hope you feel better soon xx
Thanks for your message, its true what you said, i do need the motivation, and if i give up then its me who is failing, i really need to think about that.


One day at a time :)
Well today I have had:

B: cocopops & 1% milk 335 cals
L: Toast & 2 eggs fried in a little olive oil 350 cals
S: Cauliflower cheese 140 cals

825 cals


D: Cod, potatoes & broccoli 200cals

Perfect between 1000 & 1200 :D



One day at a time :)
I forgot to mention that I've done 60 mins exercise today!

I walked the pully dog for 30mins and did 30mins aerobics.

Going to take the dog for an early morning jog at 7ish tomorrow I think! eek, Scared!


Losing the mummy fat
You're doing so well! And you're much better than me with the exercise, enjoy your jog tomorrow :D


One day at a time :)
OK... today I have had

B: cocopops & 1% milk (335 cals)
L: Toast & 2 eggs fried in a little olive oil (350 cals)
S: Cauliflower cheese (140 cals)
D: Fish in sauce (100) mash potatoes (250) & green beans & carrots (75)

So, 1250 ish...

plus 60 mins exercise! woo! :D
Great idea Chocolatecat, i think i will start a food and exercise diary too as some way of keeping on track and finding what works for me.

Your menus sound lovely.
You are so right about exercise too, i never look at it as a chore anymore....it's my time to myself and it makes me feel good. What could be better eh?

You're doing great....keep up the good work


One day at a time :)
eek! Been not well for the last few days so not been updating this properly oops!

Today I've had:

B: 3 weetabix & 1pt 1% milk yum! (300cals ish) & tea with milk & 2 sugars (50ish)
S: hot choc made with 3 tsps galaxy powder & 1% milk (dunno so round up to 200cals)
L: nothing... still sicky
D: something that adds up to 500 cals if I can

So... around 1050 cals if pos!

I've managed to get down 3.5 lbs this week cos of sickiness... just have to keep vlc this next week so it doesn't pile on again!!

Starting to feel better though so fingers crossed the stomach bug goes away :) xxx


One day at a time :)
OKies, it's been a few days lol!

I think I gained 3 of my 8lbs back but it might just be temporary as it was my TOTM :s

I am not going to weigh myself for another week and a half, a week on Tuesday, hopefully I'll be able to focus until then :)

So, today...

B: Apple lattice & coffee with a splash of semi skimmed milk. (400 at the most)
L: Sausage roll (400 at the most)
D: chicken with potatoes, broccoli & home-made low cal tomato sauce, small portion (400cals at the most!)
S: Probably another couple cups of coffee coming in at 55cals each

Total will be somewhere between 1000 - 1400 not fussed as to whereabouts lol!

Exercise will be 3 hours ironing and walking up and down the stairs all day doing laundry lol!

Feeling good today! Lets hope it lasts!!!


One day at a time :)
ooh, was going to mention for anyone who reads and LOVES fresh coffee from Costa/Starbucks etc. I found Starbucks house blend ground coffee in morrisons for somewhere around £4 a bag and found my cafitiere this morning so I made some and added a splash of semi skimmed milk and it tasted just like a sugarless cappucino from Costa!

Seriously, if you like coffee from these places then this is a lovely treat for only 55 cals :D
Thanks for the tip, I love fresh coffee x


One day at a time :)
I also had 2 lemon cupcakes!! :eek:

I really shouldnt have but I am making up for it by having 1 chicken fajita (homemade) with low cal everything, wholemeal tortilla and fat free yogurt so around 1600cals total!

oh dear...

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