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Choices Choices Choices...


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I was just wondering whether people got a large range of flavours or whether they got the same things for each day. i used to get a massive variety of flavours. and i do have a bit of a stock pile of the odd one from when i was ill, but these days i want a porridge, a bar, and then either a chicken soup or a chocolate tetra. went to buy my week's worth last night and that's what i got. i thought it would be really dull having the same thing every day but actually it seems better having the same thing to look forward to every day if that makes sense?

just wondering how other people do it...

abz xx
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As I've just started I've gotten 1 or two of everything, though I can see already that there will only be a few ones I actually want to keep on having.

I think that my format's going to be
Strawberry shake breakfast
Bar lunch (not sure of flavours yet as only on day 2)
Banana or another Strawberry shake dinner
Chocolate shake as 8pm "treat"

I'll just decide what to actually make with those pack on the day, muffins, crisps, popadoms, gooey-cakey-thingies, hot, cold..... how knows what I'll fancy!
i've gone off so many things can't cope with soup anymore.....so i'm pretty similar to you now, i know what i really like and i'll only buy them now!!!! banana, chocolate, vanilla (to go with my coffee) and butterscotch....can't stomach anything else at the mo!!
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Nah, I've got my three down to a fine art now. Porridge every morning (although I do change the flavouring I add), Chocolate Mint shake for lunch (gonna try it hot now as it is soo cold), and half a bar with my afternoon coffee and the other half with my evening coffee. I get 4 caramel bars and 4 peanut bars (I have an extra one for a weigh day treat!).

Going to try the Orange bar this week as there are a couple of people raving about it on here and it is the only one I haven't tried.

Never fancied the soups. But I must admit there is a fantastic range available and some times I am torn when choosing my bars for the week.


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i can stomach them but i just don't want them... it's really weird. i went through a phase of really loving the tomato soup and now i'm just so meh about it...

loved the vanilla hot as it was like custard and now the thought of hot shakes other than tetra with hot water make me shudder... so odd!!

abz xx


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i didn't have the orange bar for ages as i thought it would be gross and when i finally did it tasted like a jaffa cake... with a little imagination and several weeks on cd in any case, so you'll be sorted, ha.

abz xx


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hi abz, i'm into my 9th week now and i just let my cdc pick 7 soups, 7 shakes and my 7 porridges, each time i reach into the box it's like a lucky dip! it's sad but i need the excitement...ha ha!!

When I first started I tried almost all and couldnt stand any of the soups I like the cappcino and vanilla ones the best then I went onto banana then nothing but tetras and now im on chicken and mush soup 12ish then hot toffee and walnut at aroung 4pm then a porridge at about7pm, but next week who knows what it will be.lol.


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ha. well i've just used half a choccy tetra and topped the mug up with hot water. so that's that for now. will save the rest for later on. working until 11 is a nightmare!!
I like a few of the products - I have my first helping at lunchtime - usually either a caramel, chocolate or orange bar (love the orange). Then when I get home, a soup - vegetable is my favourite, but I'll have oriental, leek & potato, chicken & Mushroom. Then either a vanilla (fav), choc, mint choc, strawberry, banana. At the weekend I change slightly and have a porridge, soup and the tetra - frozen. Yumm.


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ha. the leek and potato is the only one i couldn't actually have at all... the cheese and brocolli i at least got down but leek and potato met the sink!!

abz xx
I started my trying them all but yuk to cheese and broccoli soup:( spicy tomato, choc orange and cappachino(sp) I like choc, choc mint vanilla and banana hot
the soups are ok with a bit of pepper tetras are nice(mite try adding hot water to them) only nibbled a cranberry bar


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I only have chocolate & strawberry. I can't stomach anything else!
I have a strswberry in the morning, then 2 choclate together a night over lots & lots of crushed ice & a straw!
I've been 810 so have a meal inbetween.


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I'm SO boring.... everyday... I have Porridge for lunch.... a choc mousse for tea, then either a orange, toffee, or choc bar in the evening. When I 1st started I used a bit of everything but these are my fav so I look forward to every meal that way!!!


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that seems to be what i've ended up doing. i also seem to drink a lot of coffee.... but i did before. i probably appreciate it a bit more now as it keeps me going that little bit longer. i really need to bring my bouillon in tomorrow as i'm working late again then. but i forget it every day. i think i need two so i can have one at work and one at home...
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I only have porridge, Leek and Potato, spicy tomato, mushroom and vegetable soup.I use to love the choc tetra's frozen but I cant stand them anymore. I am not keen on any sweet shakes.
i have 2 hot chocs a day and a bar.... am getting a bit fed up though so will have to change this week. my CDC doesn't ever seem to have any porrige so hope she has some this week


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if she doesn't have any ask her to order it. they have to have a supply of everything. they can't not give you something just because they haven't thought to buy it in time... they get next day delivery and can post it out. my cdc offered to do this for me the one time she was caught short because everyone wanted chocolate tetras in the same day, ha.

abz xx


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i loved the porridge now hate it,i tried the bars they killed me,i dont like soup Yuk,i tried the shakes yukky yuk yuk,so now its tetras 3 a day and water,lol.......

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