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cholesterol test OMG!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hoinket hoink wook , youre such a dude :0) xxxxxx
Same here woofers, just prior to starting Atkins I had the full physical and everything was bad. I had a heart murmur, Real high BP, dreadful cholesterol, very bad kidney and liver function tests. I suffered from sleep apnoea. I was going to die!

After 6 months on Atkins everything was getting way better, and now I'm fine, and I mean that, at my last physical I was VG in everything. :D

I love Atkins.


Alway see the love x
Well done Woof, where did you get the test done?

I do worry about the effects of eating such high fat foods.

Hi PJ. I got it done at my doctors as sadly my Dad dropped down dead and this was the cause!

Eating high fat and low carbs has been proven to me that its GOOD! Only wish I could have told my Dad about it before it was too late. Maybe this way of life has saved me?

Its a free test so if your worried, ask your GP, babes...

Happy eating

Happy Woofy X
Yes it is free, I have an annual MOT, keeps me happy and motivated woofy.


Recovering chocoholic.
Congratulations Woof, it is such a good feeling to know that we are doing the best we can for our bodies.


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
That's some improvement Woofy! Well done you x. I had mine done at work recently and recorded 5.45 which apparently was a bit high. The info pack i was given to help me reduce was the exact opposite of the low-carb diet that we all know, what a load of complete tosh!!
Did you have one before you started Atkins Craig? that way you could have seen if there was any improvement mate.


Recovering chocoholic.
Had my MOT just before I started Atkins. BP 115/70 Cholesterol 4.8. Not bad for a wrinkly. ;~)


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
Did you have one before you started Atkins Craig? that way you could have seen if there was any improvement mate.
Wish I had Jim. I only got one this time because we had a "well person" clinic at my place of work. Do you normally have to go through your GP?
Yes Craig, when I first started Atkins I went and talked to my GP, he was horrified, but seeing as he was the guy who told me I was going to die he couldn't say much. Her arranged for me to have all sorts of tests and stuff. They all came back bad, very bad. I then had monthly tests as he thought Atkins was a killer. You can imagine his and my surprise as the longer I did Atkins the better my results became. and now, my annual MOT reads fine everywhere.


Regular diet flirt!!! :)
Good stuff Jim, Dr Atkins was always big on stating the effect that his diet has on bad cholesterol. It's a shame that too much fat and protein are still seen as the enemy by the medical profession when we know different!!!

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