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Choosing Diet

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As someone who is not that familar with all the different dieting options out there, prehaps someone can give me some help??

I have tired weight watchers in the past and it worked, but for various reaons I put all the weight back on : (

Am thinking that something which takes the choice away for what to eat at least for a couple of meal may be good as I am poor and weak willed with choosing food to eat or using my work canteen!

Any thoughts? I am a 27yr old guy.

Cheers all!
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Hi Jonsey
You didnt say how much you want to lose. There are so many people on here doing different diets. (or even having surgery).
Cambridge is one where you can replace meals with shakes. Also slimfast and Lighter life - depends how much money you have as they can be very expensive



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Hi there, i've tried most of the diets going, they all do work , i have found slimming world works best for me though, there is so much choice and you never go hungry as there is so many free foods to eat as much as you want. i.e pasta potatoes lean meat eggs and fruit etc

There are also people who have been very successful with the vlcd diets too.

Maybe you should pop into the forums of the plans and lurk about for a while and try and get an idea of what the plans are like.

Hope this helps xx


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i'm doing the alternate day diet. It requires you to do some calorie counting. So one day you have say 500 cals and another you'll have say 2500


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i've tried so many diets i can't even name them!!! I truly believe there is THE diet out there for everyone, sometimes its just a bit hit and miss til you find it! For me its Rosemary Conley as it involves a workout for the same fee as other clubs.

Good look with the diet hunting


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I go with calorie counting. You don't necessarily have to spend any more money but you have to be quite rigorous with the counting and not to miss any calories off. I use the internet to determine which foods have what calories. It's good because if you do have a cheat day you can factor that into your calorie intake.
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Im on my own diet - I eat as much fruit, veg and lean protein as I like and small amounts of brown rice or brown pitta bread and nuts, oh and porridge in the morning.
S: 16st9lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the advice so far.

Sorry, I didn't realise how to put my weight stats on till now!!

Now added. Want to lose about 6 stones.


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Hi Jonesy

For me (weak willed, fed up with trying to make the right choices, busy) I found that meal replacement was the right answer. It made sure it was easy for me, geve me full nutrition and ensured I didn't waver.

You can do meal replacement for some of your meals or all of your meals. If you do total meal replacement, the weight drops off faster so you get a huge incentive to stick to it.

My personal recommendaton would be Exante (and I've done most) because is't total nutrition (unlike some), has no sugar or aspsrtame and is the most natural, without GM, preservatives, colours, trans fats etc. Most importantly, I preferred the taste of their products compared to others.

You can give it a try by ordering a variety pack from their website (www.exanteinc.com) £36 for a week's supply, which for me, was cheaper than my weekly food, snack & wine bill. The ordering process is simple and they are really quick to deliver so you could be losing weight from Tuesday!

If you want support, you can contact one of their counsellors from the site too.

Good luck, let us know what you decide to do.


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I find doing a diet where the decisions are taken away from you is really helpful (especially as I hate cooking). If you don't fancy doing something as extreme as a full meal replacement diet (Lighter Life, Cambridge etc.) you could try one of the ones that send you real food. The three I know of are Diet Chef, Go Lower and Weight to Go.
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If you can make a few permanent changes it might help you get into a healthier way of eating for life - that will help you lose weight now and then keep it off. Swap white bread for wholemeal and try brown rice and pasta - it's actually very nice and I now prefer it. Also, look out for foods that are high in fat or sugar and try to avoid them. I'm sure if you do this and go for a brisk walk once a day (fast enough to get a little out of breath and sweaty) you'll start to see - and feel - a difference very quickly. Good luck : )
If you want something that will get the weight off AND where you can eat normally for ever, then I would whole heartedly recommend slimming world. There is very little weighing of foods, you can do it really cheaply, and it is a real education about eating properly. You can sustain this way of eating for ever, rather than worrying about finishing your "diet" and then returning to eating "normally" and all the weight going straight back on again. That's my experience anyway! Good luck!

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