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Christmas..not always so merry!


Has anyone else started the yearly "discussion" or shall i say starts as a discussion, ends up as a row!!!!, about whos family this year we will be going to christmas day and whos we wont be going to untill boxing day etc etc etc.

Every year same old thing,trying to split oursleves into a miliion bits so that we can get around to visiting all the family, making sure no ones nose is pushed out.

i actually think this year me and other half will have to go spearate ways so that i can travel home to visit my family( i moved away from where i live), and he stays here seeing his family, he works for police so is going to be busy over christmas and i work shifts.

how the hell do we fit it all in and why do i end up knackered, from trying to please everyone.

anyone else know this feeling to!???
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Why dont you alternate who you spend Christmas day with and tell everyone in plenty of time so its sorted and out of the way, leaving you to enjoy your Christmas (hopefully). Have a lovely time whatever happens
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My partner is going to his folks and I am staying back with my family and friends. I am then going up to join him on the 27th for a couple of days and then we are spending 2 days on our own at a health spa and then back to his place for NYE.

We don't have children together so its much easier for us to do what we want, either together or seperately.
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Couple weeks ago a row with other half.

All my life I stay moms with my little boy. Even when I lived Essex I drove to Brum to go.
This yr I moved bk to the area and live with my new partner. We both have little ones. My son is permenantly with me. He has his son every other day over night and this yr he has him Xmas day after dinner until boxing day after dinner and on new yrs eve over night.
We arranged to stay home Xmas eve cuz Jacob is 3 now and both his parents n sisters and my parents and brother come here for Xmas dinner. His parents changed their mind.
Then there was a row as to he wanted to spend Xmas with his family too because they will want to spend it with his son too. Of course I was p***** off! As I had already changes my plans and felt everythin was revelovin round him n his family!

Any way we compromised.Xmas eve at ours open Xmas day pressure at ours Xmas dinner at mums xmas party at moms boxing day more prezzis at ours in the morning then I am cooking another Xmas day meal for oh's family as my grandparents are at my moms boxing day. Then aunts for boxing day party.

Gonna be chaos!
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Oh yes!

its difficult cos i do enjoy spending xmas with joes family, but my family are- well my family!

Every year we comprimise. Xmas eve at my mums- open presents in the morning with my younger siblings, i have a bigger family and quite frankly cant see how it would be the same atmosphere in a house full of no kids?! then we have christmas dinner at one of his familys.. spend the afternoon there and then go back to my mums later in the eve.. then boxing day is always with his family usually.

However, THIS year was always going to be different as we moved into our own house back in Jan, so this would have been our first xmas. and i REALLY wanted to have kids running around MY house, and to christmas dinner in MY kitchen, to open presents under MY tree.. but no.

joes mother booked a manor for all of his family, including us.. from the 23rd right up untill NYE. Mentioned it to me once, then went ahead and booked it without me really having a chance.
So i have no choice, i wont see my family untill NYE now.

:(I shouldnt be ungreatful as itl be a nice xmas anyways, it wont be the same though.
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I haven't had this dilemma for years. Before we had children we used to spend most of Christmas day driving around Oxfordshire visiting family. Lucky both sets of family live in a 20 mile radius of each other so that made it easier. When I was pregnant with my eldest 18 years ago I was soooo tired from all the travelling that we vowed we would never do it again .... and we didn't.

We told everyone that Christmas is for children to be at home with there presents and if they wanted to see us they would have to come to us. My mum and dad would pop over Christmas morning to see us and we would take it in turns to have hubby's mum over and it has been the same for 17 years now.

Although this year the kids have said they want to go over to my mums in the evening which I know is going to cause arguments as hubby will not want to go and I don't blame him. It will not be the highlight of the day!!!!!!
MD I agree with you, kids should be in their own home on xmas day playing with their presents. I just have to tell my parents this now:D Wish me luck


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Well i want to stay at home and his mum come to us but i believe we're going there again. it doesnt matter to me, i dont talk to my parents so the only ones left are his! We make sure we see all other family before hand and then inbetween xmas and new year :)
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For the last 6 years, we've had my hubby's nan to us on Christmas Day. Now, don't go thinking she's a feeble old woman, cos she's as tough as old boots and actually looks and acts a lot younger than she is! Anyway, we have her on Christmas Day, but spend Christmas Eve and Boxing Day running around after everyone else! Last year, Boxing Day was non-stop rows so I declared this year I was going away and wouldn't see any of em! So we're off to my dad's, on the Isle-of-Wight! Second Christmas I'll have spent with him since I was 9 (he left my mum shortly after) and we're really looking forward to it! Hubby's nan is going to her friends, and was quite happy for us to go! Funny how cousins and uncles have the hump with us though, eh?
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Ever since we've had children I've made it quite clear, nobody visits us & we don't visit anybody else on Christmas day, it's just for me, Bob, Nathan & Lydia.

A few weeks ago Bob asked me (ah bless) if he could invite his mum & dad for Christmas lunch, :cool:. His mum is in a wheelchair & his dad is 74 & it must be hard work for him looking after her. So I agreed, one because we all need a break & another my mum is also getting on so I may want to invite her one year.

So for the first time ever we are having people for Christmas day lunch. No doubt Bob will still go to the pub for his Christmas lunch beer whilst I finish off getting lunch ready.

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