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christmas past


naughty night nurse
ok, time to confess all. what were your favourite toys and presents from xmas past .

i remember getting a raleigh boxer and being gutted because my brother got a grifter and the other got a chopper . never really a barbie fan but went mad for tiny tears
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I got a Raleigh Eighteen the year my brother got his red chopper, vague recollections of Tiny Tears & My First Love, I remember my fav Auntie getting me a Viewmaster, you put a disc thing in it & looked at pics - it was of Disney Films????:eek::eek::eek::eek:


Hey Tinklewinkle I had a Viewmaster too, with scenes from Pompeii (sp?) ghoulish or what? My fave was Action Girl & her horse, hated Barbie & baby dolls.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I never had dolls to play with, as most of my things were boy hand-me downs.

For Christmas one year, I remember Mum and Dad saving for ages to get us an Amstrad computer that my Brother and I had to share!
I had a Sindy & Horse - I remember the bright yellow riding top & beige jodpurs!
I had the ping pong thing one year...... & the 80's got me a Wogbox - delivered (OMG am I allowed to say that?) :eek::eek::eek::eek:


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I had Tiny Tears , bite a few fingers off , but she didn't scream , hehe Also a pushchair , thats the only things i can think of .
lol slushy - i'd forgotton all about the pippa dolls - i loved mine too!

One christmas i got this great Sindy dollshouse that was HUGE - as tall as me - it was great!
Ha, I love this post! I had a Pippa doll too, loved it! Oh, and a Sindy bed that I broke within about 10 seconds of getting it out of the box! My brother got a Chopper, and I got a Tomahawk!

Best present ever, was a "game" called Angels, named after the TV series about Nurses. It was a big cardboard thing that you had to construct, and it had a waiting room, a treatment room, and surgery rooms! There's was 4 rooms! I loved it! There was even a bloke lying in the bed with a bandage on his head with blood on it! Brill!!!


Ooooh Pippa dolls, what a Blast From the Past!!! me & both sisters had them AND their horses, I had Brit, the black one with white hair, loved them!
i remember the year i got my commodore 64 computer i was so happy! Do you remember those things used to take about half an hour to load a game?! lol
oooo yea, mousetrap was a bloody nitemare. What about kerplunk? that was good

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