Christmas SS coping strategies...


has lying hips
So I've decided I will be sticking to LL over Christmas, New Year's Eve and my birthday (which is also NYE).

I have sneakily managed to keep it from my parents and parents-in-common-law so far, but sooner or later I'll have to tell them and they're NOT going to be impressed with me not eating Christmas dinner. Now, THAT I can cope with - I can be very unmoveable when put under pressure by others... (just not the voices in my own head).

Anyway... what strategies can people recommend for coping through Christmas...

I'm thinking I might ask for M&S vouchers because that way I can spend them on lovely (but pricey) per una clothes OR household things - but that's not going to be much fun on Christmas Day.

The massive communal meals are going to be unavoidable I guess - I'll just have to get through them... but what other things can I do to not feel miserable?

So far I'm thinking:

play tennis (we have free courts next to our home)
book lots of film/theatre etc shows - because I'm going to have to turn down all the various "Christmas dinner" things...

erm.... frankly.. I'd like to just go somewhere and get away from it all, but that's not an option.. .so any other suggestions?
Hi you see this is on my mind alot,Im going to Butlins with my OH 3 kids and inlaws Decm23rd to Dec 27th :eek: and they all say I ''will/should'' eat at Christmas :eek: but I dont know what to do????I think I will be at goal by Feb if I lose 3lbs every week and If I eat at Christmas will I blow it????Theres food places all over there and I know it will be very hard ? If I lose 3lbs a week until my weigh-in before Christmas then I'll have 20lbs to go so Im confused as what to do?

I think you have made a strong desision thats great,couldnt you just go in another room when they are eating and watch the naff christmas TV?I feel anyone SS ing at Christmas is a major will power thing.