Christmas SS coping strategies..


has lying hips
Right.. I've been thinking this through...

Some of the things I'm going to do.

I will volunteer for Crisis and work at their homeless centre for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. On Christmas Day I will join in the Greenwich Cyclists central London ride. Hopefully our respective families will understand! :)

I'm going to get two advent calendars... an M&S choccy one for the rest of the house (£10) and an M&S jewellery one for me... hehe... (£35!) I figure it's just over one pound a day.. probably it'll be full of slightly rubbish jewellery, but I'll enjoy it and I will wear my new item each day to remind me of how well I'm doing!! :D

Still trying to think of other things - I fully intend to treat myself loads because already I've found it slightly depressing in the shops to see so much gorgeous foodstuff - so I'm thinking cashmere gloves/scarf or summat - never had any cashmere, love the way it feels, slinky underwear, expensive bath stuff... :D I am spending virtually no money apart from my weekly £66 as I don't drive, I have lodgers to help with my mortgage and I'm not buying clothes whilst ss-ing... it's made me realise that I used to spend SHED loads on food for my binges!! (mind you I'm not earning any at the moment either... :eek: )

Anyone else got any good ideas?
I LOVE the M and S jewellry advent calendar idea! Will have to take a look!

I also think your ideas about helping the homeless and cycling are brill, you will deserve a medal for those!
Brilliant ideas. A great mix of taking your mind off the food and drink that's around, doing some good and treating yourself to nice non-food treats. Sounds like a perfect Xmas recipe !
Some FAB ideas there - sounds like u've got it sussed ;)

Bought Advent calendars today for the kids (they get 1 each !)....and like the sound of the M&S jewellery one...must take a look.....