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All of you who are on TFR with Lipotrim I have a few questions to ask.
1. Do all of your family and friends know that you are doing this?

2. Will you continue it over christmas or will you do maintenance and start again in Jan.

3. Is it difficult to get motivated again?

4. Is there a maintenance sheet done out by any successful person for several weeks hence making it easier to do refeed
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1. Most do
2. Yes I'm stopping for xmas and starting again in the new year, but I am hoping to lose a stone between then now and then and then 2 more stone after xmas. From your stats you only have 12lbs to lose so you should be able to easily lose that before xmas and refeed?????
3. Think you have to find your own way of maintaining, just follow basic refeed and then check out what other people are doing to maintain for some tips and to learn from where some have gone wrong?

Good luck xx
S: 18st9lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st1lb(21.84%)
Oh sorry.....

3. Yes it is difficult, I found it a bit easier the second time starting LT though cos I knew what to expect? You shouldn't need to restart though x you should reach goal by xmas?


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Are you thinking of coming off for xmas? Id advise sticking to it - it is harder the 2nd time around and its only one xmas! ;)

There is no set maintainence plan its up to each individual. Each body takes differently to different foods - only you will know how much of something you can have or if there is anything you cant have that maybe sets of cravings/picking etc. Although if you hop on over to the maintainence section Jan and Mary have done amazingly well at maintaining their amazing losses so have a goose through their diaries.

Although if its refeed help you are after go to the refeed section, theres a sticky there with the refeed sheet that your pharmacist should give you anyways - stick to that and you wont go wrong :)
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If i wasnt nearly at goal i wud definitely continue through christmas. Yes all my family and friends know im doing this kinda hard to keep it to myself wen i live with my parents haha!

Have a look at the maintainance forum there is lots of food diaries on there but your own palette is different than most so choosing wat foods you want needs to be your decision. I have read most if not all the refeed diaries preparing for my refeed and i have done up a maintainance food plan til feb as a guide. Its basically a balanced diet, maintainance is about balancing good foods with the bad its not about restriction.

It will really help if you read through some of the refeed diaries all follow a general plan so its easy to adjust to your own tastes.
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1. Pretty much, yeah & on the whole they're either supportive/neutral - some don't approve but just don't comment.

2. I'm going to be at my goal by Christmas, so, I'm going to re-feed in the near future. But, if I had a lot more to lose, I think I'd stick with it over Christmas.

3. I broke the diet recently & I've had quite a few false starts to get back on it. So, yeah, I would say it's harder, however, that wasn't a planned re-feed, it was (more than a few) moments of madness - so, I reckon if you view the re-feed as part of the diet not "coming off it" then it might be much easier to get back on it.

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Hi, I`m planning to hopefully lose around another stone, and refeed in 3 weeks time, as I want to eat at Christmas. Then in Jan I will start LT again and lose the last of my weight. All my friends and family know about my diet, and all have been very supportive.

I have written out a menu for my refeed fortnight, so I know exactly what I will be eating. I think the key is to plan ahead, especially from what i`ve read on this forum. Also, I know that I will be ready to go back onto LT in January, as I will finally be on the home straight, and should be well on my way to goal by the end of January. Good luck for whatever you decide to do. xx
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I'm with you Mellywade.

I think that if its planned and sensible then a short break is ok.
As for it being only one Christmas, its a bloody long time till the next (tho it seems to come around quicker) and you never know what may happen.

I'm planning to go to a Atkins type diet over Christmas and stay of the drink so that I stay in Ketosis. 2 weeks max so that I can get back on these super tasty Chicken soups (only kidding).

Take care


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But its just food - food isnt going anywhere and will always be there! :)
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its up to you carlos, i'm refeeding in a few weeks, but not because its christmas, because i think it's time.

this is my 2nd time on LT and it is tougher the 2nd time round (to get started - then its fine)

all my friends and family know i'm doing this, and they all get a text after every weigh in with my result!

i believe it is difficult to get motivated again, but if you only have 12lbs left to lose, maybe you dont need to go back on LT again. try and do it the healthy eating way?

as for the maintenence sheet, look in the refeed and maintenance sections, read what people have been up to, i'm sure it'll help you work it out.

good luck hun xxx
I came off it last xmas for a month and put on 5lbs but I then lost this in the 1st week back so I shall be doing the same this year.
I found it easy to get back on the Lipotrim wagon as in Jan, everyone has their New Year resolutions to get healthy so that in itself is motivating.
1. Do all of your family and friends know that you are doing this?

The close ones do, I don't hide it but also don't advertise it alot.
Sometimes I just can't be bother with the whole 'You'll put it all back on again when you stop...' argument - as I didn't last time!

2. Will you continue it over christmas or will you do maintenance and start again in Jan.
I had decided before starting that I would finish for Christmas. It is my FAVORITE time of year and there are lots of traditions I don't want to miss out on - Mulled wine at the Christmas Market, with Bratwurst and strudles and I cook Xmas dinner for all my friends every single year and we all look forward to it soooo much - I'm already excited!
However, LT is about re-education and this kinda defeats the object! But I'm comfy with it - you need to make sure it's right for you.

3. Is it difficult to get motivated again?
I did LT last yr and then started again this year. That wasn't difficult at all, quite honestly.
But, be warned, I had a break after wk 3 this time - so I could go away for the weekend and it has been HARD sticking to it this week.
Not hungry so much, just want the food - but that's why I'm big, eh!!

4. Is there a maintenance sheet done out by any successful person for several weeks hence making it easier to do refeed
I followed the maintenance sheet from the chemist on my wk re-feed before going away and I STS - which I guess is ok but some people have done their own and pasted it onto the website and carried on loosing.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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ive hardly told anybody, hubby, kids, best friend and thats about it.

im refeeding now due to reaching goal but if i was still on tfr then id have a day off for xmas and probably new yr 2. ive had a day off before when it was my birthday, found it easy getting back on it, felt like id never had a break.

good luck

x x
Hi , I am only in week 4 but have lost 20lb lready and loving it !! I planning on having a mini break at xmas , I will just have xmas day off, I am going to have breakfast ( we have cooked brekkie , so will just have some meat and mushrooms) , then christamas dinner, I am going to just have some goose and veg , no carbs as I dont want to get too far off track, but I want to enjoy the day with my family and children and love xmas dinner , I am then going to get right back to it on boxing dy :)
I havent taken a break before so not sure how easy it is , but for me , as I have 6 stone to loose , having 1 days break is really motivational for me, I am looking forward to it soo much and it makes me want to loose more before xmas too .
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I don't really know what I'm going to do yet!!!
I have just started today and so I only have 5 weeks and 3 days of dieting until Christmas day.
I had previously already decided that I am not going to be buying a load of christmas 'goodies' this year as its just too much temptation and its usually me that scoffs it all anyway!
I would love to say I will have Christmas day off and maybe Boxing day too and get back to it straight afterwards but in reality, I'm not sure how that will work.
I guess it depends on how much I have lost by then.
I do know though that going from shakes to eating will cause a massive gain which isn't good for the mind and I'm starting to wish now that I had started a few weeks ago and was already refeeding come Christmas, but hey, I can't turn back time so I'll just wait and see.


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My family and friends know and are generally supportive. I want to lose 6 stones or so to get to a healthy weight and some of my friends say that is too much, but I spoke to my pharmacist and he thinks it is realistic for me to achieve. Friends don't know me as anything but big and probably can't visualise a slimmer me.
I'm definitely not having any time off LT over Christmas. For me it would probably be the worst time to have a break! I'd rather get my head down and get on with it, before refeeding hopefully in February.



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As Summer girl said its only food but food is my downfall. When i was on lipotrim I was excellent, so focused and determined. I really regret coming off it. I would advise anyone doing it stay on it until you reach your goal weight as one generally put on 4 lbs when you come off. It does not re educate us about food as I am as addicted as ever to food. Was out last night to a buffet and ate so much I am 3 lbs up this morning. I wish there was a group meeting where I could go every week about food addictions.
I think there is a group called Over-eaters Anonymous, I don't know any more about it but my mum met a woman on a plane who went to the support groups so it maybe worth a google!

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