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I know its difficult hun, but it will be so worth it. Its only a couple of days after all, and think how you will feel in the New Year when you are at least a stone lighter. There will be plenty more Christmas's to look forward to, and you'll be slim and beautiful in your gorgeous Christmas slinky dresses. Keep positive, and look to the future hun xxx
Jellybeans, I'm on shakes over Christmas too. I'm hosting Christmas day for my parents and I've told them that I'm cooking but won't be eating with them. I plan of having either a bowl of the soups or maybe a flapjack while we eat dinner.

I'm not overstocking the house with loads of stuff, as the kids really don't need loads of fatty things so will just keep more normal supplies in, they will get choclate in their stockings so I'm not buying any big tins (usually I get 2)

I figure lipotrim this year means the likelhood of many more Christmases in my life.
i'm hodting for my mum and her partner and i'm doing a big buffet for family and friends in the evening so i'm going to be cooking lunch and then party food all day but i'm going to stick to lipotrim. at a push, i may have some steamed chicken and vegetables as a treat but not sure yet. will see how i am at the time. i'm not buying loads of sweets either. my little girl is 2 and doesnt need loads of sweets so i'm not going to get them. she can have fruit.
I am planning on having a new outfit to wear on Christmas day to remind me that I wouldn't have got into it had I not been doing the diet.

Must just say the other evening I wore some clothes that I've had in my wardrobe for a while and couldn't really wear, and I had so many positive comments I felt likeI was floating. It is starting to show in my face and my complexion is improving with all the water.


Back on the wagon!
Great thread girls....I really so admire your determination and you are so right to stick to your resolve and while the rest of the world is putting on the pounds you will have another quarter stone off! Keep you focus on Christmas 2008 when you arrive donw stairs in your "designer little black number" and your fab new body on show!!
who ever will be on lipotrim on christmas day like my self what are your plans?
christmas at my house is all about food :cry:chocolates big meal crisps etc... my idea of heaven hehe but not this yr for me not even wine :cry:just my shakes :jelous:

sophy xx
i'm in the same boat as you...and i have some people coming over for xmas lunch......oh well, christmas is cancelled for me this year!:(

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