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Chrsitmas Week - will you weigh yourself?


Nojo on the YoYo
We have a group WI over Christmas. I think that unless your group is actually ON Christmas Day or Boxing Day, the class is held.

I could be wrong, can anyone confirm?


Nojo on the YoYo
Really? Why not? We are! I'm a Wednesday Weigher and we have NO weeks off over Christmas! Is your C going to charge everyone for the 'missed' week?


Lover of Extra Easy
I am also a Wednesday weigher and our class is going on. The 30th is not a bank holiday so it should still be on.
Whenever, in the past, WI was on a bank holiday they did WI a day before, or after, so that we still had one!
We're weighing on the 30th but I'm guessing our group will be a little thin on the ground as most members will be home in the UK
my c hasnt said anything yet i will ask on monday i cant weigh at home have chucked my scales in the bin to prevent excessive weighing lol:D
yup - we're Weds weighers - and we've def got class - even if we don't stay...got to go to get grounded - i'm off work til the 4th so it could be silly season otherwise!
My class is on Thursdays, so over christmas we have our class on Wed 23rd and then as usual on Thur 31st. Timings are a little different to combine 4 classes into two.
yes deffo, im having two days of, but i will weigh myself at home before and after, just incase

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