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Chubbychics daily nosebag!

S: 11st3lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 0st9lb(5.73%)
Right, so Ive been putting this off for too long, as I know I have to own up to all my little cheats, but Im hoping this will help me tighten up on the plan and shift a few more lbs :rolleyes:

Typically, I am starting this on a day where I have overly cheated.... but here goes...

7.30 - 2 x scrambled eggs, microwaved with a dash of skim milk - 2 rnds of wholemeal toast, (sml 400g loaf slices) :(
10.00 - oat bran porridge with skim milk and sweetener
13.00 - chicken salad with ff dressing (Sainsbrys) - 2 slices v. lean bavarian ham (aldi) low fat fruit yoghurt (aldi)
16.00 - packet roast turkey chunks (Bernard Matthews)
18.00 - half carton carrott coriander soup - half pot of ff fruit yog with same amount of plain ff yog.

Drinks - 5 cups of tea, 4 sml cups of machine coffee, 1.5ltrs water

I couldnt resist the toast, had such a bad craving this morning, but I am pmt which might be why, I dont as a rule. Also, the yoghurts I bought from Aldi, and although low/fat free they were quite high in sugar, i usually have danone which dont have any sugar added, just sweetener.
Ive also had 4 coffees out of the machine at work, which I have with sugar and whitener which I imagine are a big no no on Dukan. Also, my tea is made with ss milk and half a spoon of sugar, this is my only regular compromise on this diet, I cant enjoy tea with skimmed milk, and I definately need a little sugar.

Weigh in day tomorrow, we will see if the toast and other cheats have punished me!
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Welcome :)

Just wondering, do you have the book?

As you are already aware you're pretty off track with that menu! Based on this, it makes sense that you're stalling.

One thing in particular is that the only source of meat-based protein is from processed meat - apart from that and the other obvious additions, you will need to regularly consume more pure protein than you have stated here.


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wow Chic, no wonder you've not seen results, but panic not - we can help! i'm going for a little tough love here, but if you want the diet to work you really have to stick to the rules.

the toast has to go - throw away the rest of the loaf and don't buy any more!
ff dressing from sainsburys i'm guessing is a no too. check the ingredients and nutrition but i'd say you're going to have to hide that bottle. you can make nice dressings using fromage frais or a simple drizzle of balsamic vinegar would be nice instead.
fruit yogurts are a no too - there is too much carbohydrate in the fruit pieces. you're best buying plain unsweetened yogurt (total 0% is really good and so thick and creamy) and sweetening it yourself.
there's a lot of processed meat there too which if you check the packets you'll see they contain a lot of extras. roasting a whole chicken is a great idea and will give you plenty of good lean protein.
your carrot and corriander soup came from a carton, so it's not homemade and therefore will contain hidden extras. check the nutrition/ingredients on that too.
the coffee has to stop too, or at least with the sugar. as i said in your other post this is an all or nothing deal, you can't cheat some of the time and reasonably get away with it.

good luck for the WI tomorrow. perhaps think of it as a final fresh start. dig out your book and remind yourself of the principles of dukan. if you can stick at it for a week you'll see amazing results that spur you on to stay on the straight and narrow, and you know it's actually a relief to have some restrictions on what you're eating - when it's this black and white it just makes life easy!

if you really can't live without some of this stuff then perhaps dukan isn't going to be for you long term. it's the easiest diet i've ever been on and i've seen incredible results, but i've remained almost completely within the guidelines, and i know that even one small slip will set me back. in my opinion a few months restricting what i eat is a small price to pay for the new body i find myself in. it works, and it works well, but you have to commit to following the rules rigorously!

i apologise if i've come on strong here, but better to know where you stand now and be able to make a decision for going foward one way or the other. remember we want you to succeed with dukan and we'll give you all the support and advice and encouragement we can.


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when it totm hun you can use your oatbran and make a microwave bread ...then toast it its not half bad and kills the craving ....
i agree that your protien levels are not good and you will stall on what your eating at the moment
you wont be in ketosis as your having sugar and god knows whats in the soup !!!
i would have a good read of the book and sit and make a good list out ....then you will be back on track in no time at all xxxx
oh and good luck when the chief witch see this tomorrow lol:p


** Chief WITCH **
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Awh Emma... you are far too nice to have the witch title... I agree with everything you guys say. I thought I'd inadvertently landed in the wrong diet forum when I saw that menu... :D

I won't add anything (this time), CC, cos they've said it all (and far nicer than I can or would!)...

'Til the next time... <evil witchy cackle>

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