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Chuckie21s RC Diary

I decided to keep a diary on here to help keep me on track

so far im on day 2 and im quite hungry!! BUT i know its gonna get easier after the fat attack fortnight is over, On the whole though im finding the food very tasty im just adjusting to smaller portions!

ive been walking and doing exercise dvds so i feel better in myself anyways, i just wish id done this earlier so wouldnt be a big fat sweaty pig now the weather is hot!

tomorrow ill be having...

half a melon with strawberrys and yoghurt for brekkie

and open tuna salad sandwich for lunch

and chicken bread veg and sweet potatoes for dinner with pears and apples for my power snacks.

im finding the milk allowance quite hard though as i dont like milk!!

im feeling very motivated though! roll on WI
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today i am fed up
im starving and as far as i can tell ive not lost an ounce, i know i know its only been 3 days but my stomach has gotten HUGE since i started this and i feel like im hardly eating anything.
im drinking loads of water eating my fruit and veg and come thursday if ive only lost 1/2 a bloody pound im gonna be annoyed!!

2night ive got chicken and cous cous salad for dinner, all beit measly portions, oh joy
well its the morning of the day before WI

ive customised the plan slightly, im sticking to the low fat rule but i find it very hard to count calories as an ex weightwatcherer im used to points, the are my language! so ive been pointing but using rosemarys low gi and low fat rules and it seems to be working!

had a sneaky peack at the scales and they have dropped about 4lbs so im very happy! ive not had chocolate, ketchup or diet coke for 6 days now and its shown me that i actually can live without it. trouble is ive drunk so much water that my body is detoxifying and now im spotty! but on the whole i feel very motivated again, glad i didnt give up at the 1st hurdle a few days ago!
WI Result tomorrow and im strangley excited!


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Good luck Chuckie, it does take a bit of getting used to after the ww points, you seem to be doing really well though.
Bottle that motivation xx
Well today i went to my gynae and was told i need a laparoscopy, but wouldnt be allowed it as my BMI is far too high, so high infact that the BMI chart the dr had didnt even go up to my BMI so that was embarrassing. Ive been given 6 months to lose as much as i can. I have to this, my chances of ever having children depend on this, if i get bigger ill never be able to have the procedure and will never find out if i have endometriosis or not, so really its make or break for me. I have to do this for my future children.

Today has been a very good day im very much looking forward to WI 2moro :) x
just got in from my WI and..........

3.5lbs off :) which is amazing considering that i got totm today :D

Onwards and Downwards
Well its day 8 and im feeling still very motivated. I want to up the exercise this week and will be sticking to the booklet to the letter, apart from the ready meal day, i hate ready meals so ill make my own version.

I feel quite victorious as ive just had ANOTHER bad driving lesson and ive come home and instead of eating ive poured myself a glass of......

On a non weightloss note, learning to drive is becoming increasingly hard for me, i dont know why but im convinced im a pants driver. My instructor doesnt think so she just think i make silly mistakes but i found myself in tears in the car today. I think because im not eating to squash emotions im actually feeling things now and crying when im down and laughing when im happy its all very new (and embarrasing) to me!
well ive woken up slightly worse for wear today, i know theres no drinking allowed in the 1st 2 weeks of RC but im 21 and thats just not possible! anyways as it happens it doesnt take quite as much drink as it used to lol

but this morning ive had for brekkie a pear some water melon and 2 slices of toast so compared to the usual mcdonalds hangover cure i think ive done quite well!!
well well well its monday again!
im really struggling with calorie counting and find myself keep going back to points and i think its starting to slow my weight loss.

ive never calorie counted in my life and i know its something dead simple but when uve always pointed or used syns its really difficult!

ive found a day on the RC kickstart is around 20pts so im using it as a guideline, if the scales say i havent lost this week then at least ill know where im going wrong.

im still motivated and determined though so that can only be a good thing! x
well i feel virtuous and guilty all at once, ive not been sticking to the 2 week fat attack booklet, i dont like many of the meals and nor have i been counting calories this week BUT i havent eaten anything untoward, so ill be very happy with a STS or a small loss this week gonna seriously go for it next week though.

Have set myself a goal of losing a stone between now and my birthday in a month i would like the scales to show 16st 13.5lbs at least! so i need to pull my socks up!
You still there Chuckie, hows it going

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