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chucking away the scales

It was my week six WI yesterday and i was quite shocked at a 3 lb loss , id been weighing my self all week as ive become quite obsessed with it and my scales have been reading no loss at all , but obviously this was wrong!!!!!!
The only thing was is that i put my self on such a low about it , to the point i nearly gave in , so glad i dint any way im relieved to say that the scales are going (straight out the window)

hope every ones ok ... deb x

WEEK ONE ...... 10 lbs 5/3/08
WEEK TWO....... 3 lbs 12/3/08
WEEK THREE..... 2 lbs 19/3/08
WEEK FOUR...... 3 lbs 26/3/08
WEEK FIVE...... 5 lbs 2/4/08
WEEK SIX....... 3 lbs 9/4/08
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Oh Deb....lol.....you sound just like me! Im on the scales every single morning to make sure the weights going down. (Dont think i could part with mine though) x


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It is so tempting and I admit,I check on our scales at home in the morning when i get up,it isnt that good an idea because if they dont move,you become dis-heartened but so pleased you had that loss anyway!
Me too, I did exactly the same when I started out but I was becoming really dispondant as the readings were so up and down. I decided to just use my weekly WI as something to look forward to each week instead............How sad is that!
OOOPS I apologise, well done on your loss thats great;) xxx


Wanna be....sexy!
Not sad Gaz,it helps a hell of alot to have something to make you focus on x


Back again - hey ho!
Well done on that, must have been a lovely suprise :) I weigh myself a couple of times a day too, and its amazing how much it varies. Although,... sneaking downstairs first thing in the morning, and weighing myself in the nuddy, is something I couldn't stop doing!!! lol
I was weighing with my dressing gown on, till one morning, I though, sod it, lets see what I weigh with it off....... Bloody 3lbs the thing weighs!!! so now its nuddy weighing everytime for me :D
(luckily no neighbours overlook us);)


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Well done lady thats great! Have to say i habe a breakdown literally if i dont have my scales!! x


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I too need my scales, I have contemplated many weeks of getting mu other half to hide them, but I know I'd sniff them out. One week the battery died on me and I went without scales for about 4 days til I got more batteries, what a relief that was! LOL!


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well done on the fab 3lb loss X i couldnt throw mine away. i weigh most mornings in my PJ's and then confirm if when i go to the gym (3x a week) ..they weigh the same as mine and its peace of mind somehow. also when im weaning off of LT totally, ill need to check i dont balloon again!!!

h x


weighs a lot less
welldone on the loss,i personally dont own any scales it would be dangerous for me id be on them constantly ,i will get some when i come off the LT so i can keep an eye on my weight ,i think i'll make my oh take them to work though lol xx


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Well done hun. I did get my hubby to hide my scales once, but I knew where he'd hid them and weighed myself anyway and put them back!! I weight myself every morning and every night.....I can't help it.
God have you heard you lot, you'd think you were all over weight..........Your not and your all lovely;)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps I'm not after anything:p


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You're lovely too Gazza! ;)
I know:D x
Shame youre not after anything though! xx
I am , just not admitting it:p x
Like we didnt all know! xx
Well done! I don't have any scales I just look forward to my weekly weigh in. I do get the tape measure out though.
Now dont get me on the tape measure:eek: x

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