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Cinderzxx food diary... back to it!


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G: 12st0lb
Well here goes, my several 100th post/food diary getting me back on the wagon, but this time I HAVE to do it properly!! (refuse to buy anymore clothes when i have some very lovely clothes... just a size or so too small now!)

so here goes... my eating hasnt been great today (good start)... got called into work, big rush, bit tired, not very hungry... not very much munching but at least I havent reached for the biscuit tin yet!

B: ww fruit layer fromage frais - 1pt
medium pear - 1pt

L: sugar free energy drink (naughty naughty)

D: 2 small/med chicken thighs (skinless) 6pts
in 0pt tom sauce (onion, pepper, garlic cooked in frylight, passata, chopped tomatoes, little bit of sweetener, worcester sauce and mixed herbs)
with Brocolli and peas -1pt (im sure peas are pointed?? i cant find it in my book)
1 scoop of mash made with low fat margarine/butter stuff - 1pt

surprisingly Im not hungry.. I know i should really eat more but am afraid that once i start I wont stop!

wanted to try fast start this week.... should normally have 23 pts but gonna try the 18 see how i go...

total: 10/18


tomorrows had more planning :) should be a bit better!! xx
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G: 12st0lb
No idea Kelz, its totally not me, but yesterday was bloody stressful all I really wanted to do was sleep....
Havent eaten too much today either... (i need to work more shifts! lol they obviously keep me in control!)

B: ww fromage frais fruit layer - 1pt
100g blueberries - 1pt
sugar free energy drink - 0pts

L: Innocent veg pot: Dahl Curry - 5pts
100g blueberries (the other half of the punnet lol) - 1pt

Snack - 1 plum 0.5pts (it was fairly sizeable - for a plum so am gonna count 1 as half a point rather than 3 plums as half a point - as book says)
sugar free energy drink (addict!) 0pts

8.5 /18

thats it so far... I need to eat something for my dinner but am all out of ideas (and not hungry)...
am thinking about having some cereal or something...

see thats the problem wth me... all or nothing, am either stuffing my face.... or not eating enough :(

hmmmmph.... xx

Right, have just had a big bowl of rice krispies with skimmed milk... am going to count it as 4.5 points... i weighed out double the normal amount (1.5pts x2) didnt have much more milk than normal though... ill count it as a point and a half to be safe...

todays total: 13/18
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G: 12st0lb
Right... after my balls up of forgetting to WI for the last two days, I have weighed this morning (wow... that was a shock... I am very very very unimpressed :cry::cry::cry:but have noone but my greedy self to blame!) and will hopefully never see that number again... positive thinking...

so, officially day one.. planned menu:

B: Shreddies with skimmed milk - 3.5
2 plums 0.5

L: (got up late, not feeling that inspired...)
slice rye bread: 2
Marmalade: 0.5

D: Sainsburys tuna fishcake - 3
homemade coleslaw (cabbage, onion, carrot, helmans light mayo) -4.5 (allows 50g of mayonnaise)

200g new potatoes - 2
low fat margarine- 1


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G: 12st0lb
Ok... todays munchings...

B: ww fruit layer fromage frais - 1

L: tuna fishcake - 3
coleslaw - 2.5

D: Lemon sole - 3
280g potato wedges (cooked in oven in frylight) - 3
peas- 1
ketchup -1

non s/f squash- 2pts


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G: 12st0lb
Ok.... my first weekend day of being "good" in aaaaaaaaaaaaaages!!

B: ww fruit layer fromage frais -1
sugar free energy drink
L: rye toast with marmalade - 3

D: Gammon steak - 6
potato waffle - 1.5
beans - 2

blackcurrant juice - 3




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G: 12st0lb
Sundays munchings:
not a great day looking back on it!!

B: strong coffee with milk and sweetener - 1

L: diet coke x 2

D: roast chicken leg (no skin) - 5
200g new potatoes roasted in fry light - 2
free veg
gravy - 1

chocolate gateaux (calculated from sat fat and cals) 4.5
2 chocolates - 2


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G: 12st0lb

B: ww fruit layer yoghurt - 1
blueberries - 1

L: rice krispies - 1.5
milk (full fat (argh - was at work) but only had a tiny bit) 1.5
ww fruit layer fromage frais - 1

D: baked potato (210g) - 2
beans -2
cheese- (not low fat) 4.5
low fat spread- 1


G: 12st0lb
:( well today wouldve been first official weigh in but coz i didnt do it last tues (but started plan anyway) I have to wait til thurs... aaaaaaaaargh I wanna know now!
have to keep myself from sneaking on the scales!

Todays menu:

B: Rice Krispies with normal milk (eeeek) - 3
sugar free energy drink

L: 2 eggs - 3
bacon - 4.5
potato waffle- 1.5

D: Readybrek- 2.5
s/s milk - 1
streamline jam - 1


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G: 12st0lb
Here goes with todays menu!!
Bit boring coz im saving points for chinese tonight!!! yummy! :)

B/L: Watermelon - 1.5pts
D: 2 pints of toffee apple cider (yummmy!) but probably like a squillion points!
special fried rice - 7.5
1 chicken satay skewer - 2pts?

Totally unsure of total!! xx

had a sneaky weigh this morning... 5lbs down! :) yay! official weigh in day tomorrow xx
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G: 12st0lb
Wooo, weigh in day... 5lbs stayed off (despite chinese last night)... no idea what to eat today (am fighting the urge to go mad and be naughty- holiday doesnt start til tomorrow lol!)

B: rye toast with marmalade - 2.5
S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
My gosh, you do eat little. I stuggle to manage on 23!! Im greedy tho.
Gonna pinch a few ideas from here :) xx

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