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cinema snacks


Trying again!!!
Went to see Star Trek a few weeks ago and I was really boring and took fruit! I don't actually like popcorn ~ I usually take Quavers or some other low syn crisps and a funsize bar of choccie ~ it does make it feel like your are having a proper treat! Enjoy the film! xx
Im a sucker for sweet popcorn at Cineworld :( Might have to try them snack a jacks popcorn, apparently the salt and vinigar ones are the best syn wise?


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Freeze a bag of grapes and take them with you. Or a bag of cherries, they are so sweet and you can launch the pips at people if they are talking!!!


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hubby wants to see star trek. we are trying to get out at least every two months without the boys. need time to ourselves. i have some pineapple in the fridge. might cut it and freeze it to take in, also have some orange and apple. might try that and take your advise and take a fun size choccie bar. thanks


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Don't forget your stash needs to fit into your handbag - they get a bit stressy at our cinema if you walk in with a tesco carrier stuffed full of your own "goodies"!!!


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Hi Tara - I'm going to the same Cineworld as you tonight - DO be careful smuggling in stuff as they watch you like a hawk - before it went to a Cineworld we used to fill our backpack with basically a picnic for the kids and us but now........
BTW tonight I'll be eating food there but ours is provided as we won tickets with food provided....will just have a little of what I fancy but stay 100% on plan the rest of today.
In the past on Green days I'd smuggle in a tub of sweetcorn and mixed beans (sounds a bit weird but good for hand to mouth action). On either day......a bag of grapes, a pack of Smints, pack of Sula Creme Caramel sweets - things that last longer in your mouth - boiled sweets etc... oh and a can of diet coke or some other drink, maybe a bottle is better for smuggling as less noise on opening and can be stashed away in haste - LOL.
I'm seeing Terminator - what you seeing?



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lol luckily my cineworld doesn't give a **** :) but being right in the city centre they would have trouble moaning since everyones always bringing in bags of clothes and food shopping lol!

gona go on sunday was wanting to go earlier this week but the weather was just too nice!

I am also having trouble thinking of ideas on what to eat at the cinema. This may seem weird but last time i took in some jelly haha!

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