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CJ's diary - WI 4

Good evening all :wavey:

Well I thought as I now on Day 7 I would start my diary - looking forward to being able to look back & see how I went from Tubbsa to Tiny!!

So I started my weight loss journey last Monday 22nd September 2008 at 16.6st - I decided that Friday would be my weigh-in day. So with that in mind I decided to weigh myself on day 5 and was super pleased to see I've lost 4lbs - :bliss:

I have been feeling really focused which is a good sign. Since having my little boy (17 months) ago I have tried to climb aboard the diet train but have failed as my mind set and heart just wasn't in it - but this time it feels different.

So here I am, feeling good and happy to be starting week 2 of my journey. A journey that I truely hope will be a positive one. Although I obviously have an ideal weight and will have certain goals to keep me going, my main aim at the moment is to be at my husbands 40th Birthday celebration (end of December) wearing something nice (other than black troucers and a tent!), feeling confident and not spending the whole evening trying to stay in the dark :ashamed0005: so noone can see the true me. I want him to be proud to be with me and hey, what the hell, to have a photo taken with him to go on the wall (the only photo of me that see's the light of day is a Wedding Photo!!)

So here's to Highlights Chocolate Mouses, point free salad, griddled chicken, homemade Spring Rolls and the occasional glass of wine:party0036:!

  • Starting weight - 16.6lb
  • Week 1 - 16.2lbs
  • Week 2 - ?
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Wow thats a great 1st result isnt it, you must be chuffed. The diary is a great inspiration and a ticker can be quite a motivating tool too, to see it going down each week and getting closer to your goal :D
Thank you - I am now the proud owner of a nice shiney new ticker!

well done and good luck with your weight loss, you will look great at the party!!
Could i be a pain and ask for the recipe & points for the homemade spring rolls?? would love to give them a go!!
What a great start! Well done!
Could i be a pain and ask for the recipe & points for the homemade spring rolls?? would love to give them a go!!
I got the recipe from the thred up the top 'Sharing favourite & new discoveries' - so here it is:

You need to buy some filo pastry (can get it ready made in the fridge department at most supermarkets) and then loads of zero point veggies!!

You cook/fry/bake/griddle your veggies (they have to be cut up nice and small)

Beansprouts, carrots, spring onion, cabbage are really good combo.

Then you can add a bit of soy sauce and oyster sauce (not much as you dont want to make it to wet) - or try chilli sauce!

Then cut your filo pastry sheet in half and then put your filling in the middle of the sheet (going length ways), so you can then fold up both the ends first (stop it falling out) and then roll it so its all covered in pastry!!

Then bake for about 10mins!!


(If you only use 0 point veg and soy sace and 3 sheets of filo pastry, you can make six spring rolls for 1.5 points!!)

I gave them a go and they really are scrummy - although I added a bit of chilli sauce which nearly blew my head off. :wow:

As I now have an open pack of Filo tonight I made Thai Prawn Parcels. They were yum but were 1 point each! You whizz up 180g of prawns with 2 table spoons of fresh corriander, salt and pepper. I used a hand blended - whizz until you a thick paste (bit like pate). Then with 3 layers of filo (using spray oil in between layers) cut them in to 10cm square. Put a little dob of Red Thai Curry Paste on the square and spread it over then add a splodge of the prawn mix. Bring the corners together & pinch to make a parcel. Spray again then put them on a sprayed baking tray and chuck in the oven for 15 mins. :eat: Corrrrrr yummy!

Already thinking about how I can use the rest of the filo up tomorrow!



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OK well Week 2 and I did my WI this morning and I've lost 2lbs - Yay!

So that's 6lb in 2 weeks so really chuffed with that - long may it continue.


Doh - How do I change the title to the thred? I double click on it and try to change it but it just keeps opening rather than letting me change the title. I
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OK well Week 2 and I did my WI this morning and I've lost 2lbs - Yay!

So that's 6lb in 2 weeks so really chuffed with that - long may it continue.

Well done you! That is brilliant. Here's to a great week for you xx
Well done CJ. Fantastic result :)
CJ's diary - Week 3 and all good!

Hi all - well I have just completed Week 3 and did my WI this morning and have lost another 4lbs - so that is a total of 10lbs in 3 weeks. I am so chuffed and still feel really positive.

I have really enjoyed cooking some dishes from my new cookbook :gimi:(Deeply Delicious WW cookbook) There are some yummy dinners in there (not yet tried a pud) and it has kept me on the straigh and narrow!

So far so good! Here's to another good week (fingers crossed!!)

PS - please can someone tell me how to change the main title of my post - I click on it and it opens the box as if I can type over the orignal title but then it just opens the post. It's sooooo frustrating. So my diary still says 'the begining' but it's not it's week 3!!

Thank you!!
Hi CJ. 4 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, great result for week 3. You are doing so so well. You must be so proud of yourself.

To change your post you have to double click after the last letter of your title and it should let you modify. So you just need to double click the area after the !. Sometimes it takes me a couple of tries but it works :)

Well done again!
Hi CJ and well done again on a great loss! If you double-click on the tick which is on the far right of the box in which your thread title is (!) that should highlight your title and allow you to update it.
Title is changed!!!

Yay - thank you - my title has now been successfully changed.

Middle of week 4 and still going strong. Did have a curry take away on Saturday but I was as good as you can be with a curry - but didn't enjoy it very much at all. It took 1.5 hours to arrive and then it just wasn't very tasty at all. Next time I break rules it's going to have to be a Thai as that is my fav food ever and would be worth being naughty for!

I've been having Curley Wurleys as my little chocolate treat (2 points each) and just wondered what other chocolate would be worth stock-piling in the cupboard for those chocoholic moments where NOTHING :drool:else will do!

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

Week 4 w.i

Bit delayed but did my 4th W I on friday and I've lost 1lb. So it's still going in the right direction!!

The night before WI I think I did over do it on a turkey mince shepherd pie I made. Load of 0 point veg and topped it with Butternut Squash but my portion control was a bit lax!

I have really noticed that my work trousers are feeling so much looser and they actually look too baggy. So that's really good new. I'm so looking forward to buying a new wardrobe in a few months time.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. Here's to another good week.


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