Claire (Happygals) keeping track of weight loss!! 1st weigh in!


Hi Guys

First weekly weigh in and I have gone from 17st 13lbs to 16st 12.5lbs. Im so happy cause I have lost over a stone in one week!!!


You are doing so well. You must feel on top of the world.

Dizzy xx
Over 1 stone you must be chuffed to bits! well done!!
congrats whose got your stone hehehe!!!!
that is sooooo bloody fantastic, well done girl!!!

keep up the brill work


gen xx
Flippin heck Claire - that's AMAZING !! well done girl :D

keep it up !

Claire you did really well in yr first weigh in loss. At this rate you'll be able to choose any wedding dress you want!

I hope mine is somewhere near! Day 1 and I've lost 2lbs and want to lose 2stone - so only another 26lb to go!
2nd Weekly Weigh In!! Lost 5.5lbs :D

Hi Guys

Well My 2nd weekly weigh in has come (this morning) and I was 16st 7lbs. Which is 5.5lbs. I reported somewhere else it was 6 but I had forgotten that I was down to 16st 12.5lbs the last one and not 16st 13lbs.

Im really happy with this. Must go and update my ticker!!:D
Well done on your loss Claire! Don't be depressed when you've had such a good result (2 bags of sugar!). Just think of losing a stone a month!! Did you read thinme 's diary? I was in awe at how well she has done in such a short time - it really helps you believe that it really is possible with plenty of determination and will.