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CLAIREA - Tall girl never leaving EE again!

Well im back to extra easy following some pathetic losses on red and green. I first did SW last year and lost 3 stone in as many months on extra easy. For some silly reason I went and put all the weight back on and then some. I came back to SW in June this year and tried green and red days so i could have the extra hebs. Big mistake - my losses have been so slow. Been back doing extra easy for 2 weeks now and the weight is dropping off again. Extra Easy I will never leave you again so this is my new diary.

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Yesterday 9/11

B - Apple and banana, juice
L - Baked beans, mushrooms and scrambled egg
S - Coffee (HEA) and apple
D - Rice, petit pois, peppers and cucumber
HEB - Alpen lights

0 syns as im flexi synning (Monday was naughty lol)
Today 10/11

B - apple and coffee
L - Chicken, rice with salad
D - haddock, mushy peas and sw chips (4 syns for the haddock baked to perfection as its in butter but I did drain it all off lol)
Snacks - apple and pepper sticks
Heb - alpen lights for my chocolate fix lol

Weigh day tomorrow - so excited lol
Lost 3lbs at WI yesterday , whooooop :D

Yesterday was

B - apple, banana and coffee HEA
L - Peppers, mushrooms, baked beans and sw fried egg
D - Lean mince with peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms served with sw mash and petit pois

S - celebrations malteaser :D and apple
HEB - 2 alpen lights
Today was

B - Apple and coffee HEA
L - Peppers, mushrooms scrambled egg and beans
D - Leftover mash with mince n veggies

HEB - 2 alpen lights
Need to find some new EE recipes and up the exercise
Today 13/11

B - banana apple coffee HEA
L - scrambled eggs mushrooms and beans
D - Pasta bolognese with added veggies
HEB - wholemeal pitta

0 syns as I have an engagement party to attend on Saturday so flexi synning in preparation.
Meal plan for week

Monday - pasta n sauce with veggies
Tuesday - chicken curry, rice veg
Wednesday - salmon, sw chips , mushy peas
Thursday - haddock , sw chips, mushy peas
Friday - WI day mash mince veg
Saturday - Engagement party buffet
Today 14/11

B - Mushrooms, baked beans and scrambled eggs with HEB wholemeal pitta
L - Savoury rice with added sweetcorn and petit pois
D - Pasta n sauce with added mushrooms and sweetcorn
S - apples and coffee(HEA)

Starting my Jamie Oliver cookery course today, hope I learn some nice new sw friendly meals :)
Ooooh thanks Emmou :D I enjoyed it. We made pea and mint soup which was very SW friendly
Yesterday 15/11

B - mushrooms beans scrambled egg , coffee HEA
L - Pea and mint soup :D
D - Chicken salad pepsi max

Chicken was from a restaurant and was in some sort of oil. So gonna assume it was extra virgin olive oil and class it as my HEB, also my 15 syns just to be sure.

Went to cinema to see Paranormal activity 3 and omg nearly jumped out of my skin a few times. Must have burned some calories haha.
Today 16/11

B - mushrooms beans egg (really need some new brekkie ideas!)
L - rice n veg
D - salmon sw chips mushy peas, apple
HEB - wholemeal pitta

0 syns as flexisynning for party on Sat
Yesterday 17/11

B - 2 Apples and HEA coffee heb pitta
L - beans egg mushrooms
D - salmon sw chips mushypeas , apple

Im even boring myself now with such a rubbish diary. Next week I will definitely be more adventurous. Only lost a pound this morning but not to worry, its still going the right way. I worked out that in 6 pounds time I will have lost 3 stone since June. Pretty awesome even though I still dont see a difference :/ 15% off and i still look the same?


B - apple and banana
L - sw chips, mushrooms and mushy peas
D - Rice with heaps of superfree veg

Decided that following my rubbish loss this week i will not treat myself at the engagement party, i will just fill up on diet coke while everyone else stuffs their faces. Poor me lol x
OMG dont even want to mention how many syns i had yesterday. Mcdonalds followed by huge buffet followed by pizza. Naughty girl :(

Today I have minimised damage, i hope

B - apple.
L - apple.
D - casserole containing:
petit pois

10 speed foods and 0 syns

Tomorrow i will aim for 10 speed foods too, infact i will eat more speed every day til WI on Friday.

B - Beans (s) musrooms (s) and egg
L - Casserole and apple (10xS)
D - Its my cooking course tomorrow so not sure yet, i think were making fajitas , ill keep them as sw as possible.
Monday 21st

B - mushrooms beans egg apple coffee HEA
L - left over speedy casserole
D - Chicken fajita (made at cookery course , all speedy except olive oil HEB and wrap (syns?)

Had 2 cadbury teacakes and a galaxy celebration so think i pushed the syns today. None tomorrow
Tuesday 22nov

B - peppers mushroom omelette with beans , hea coffee
L - heb wholemeal pitta with chicken breast and apple
D - salmon, sw chips and mushy peas, apple

0 syns to make up for weekend and yesterday
Weds 23/11

B - peppers onions mushrooms omelette with beans, hea coffee
L - speed soup - swede,parsnips,carrots,onion,garlic,peppers,passata
D - chicken curry with extra veg(no rice)
HEB - wholemeal pitta (ate it with speed soup)

planning on having 0 syns
Thursday 24/11

B - speed soup with boiled egg
L - speed soup with heb pitta
D - chicken curry rice veg salad

hea coffee, snacks of fruit and 0 syns. WI tomorrow eeek

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