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Clairelou1979 Diary

I joined a WW group this evening and plan to track everything that I eat, I thought it would be a good idea to put my food diaries on here so that I can maybe get some feedback or give someone else some ideas. I'll post my first diary tomorrow night.
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I need chocolate now!!!
Hi Claire, great that you joined ww and are starting a diary, I look forward to reading it!
My first day went well although I did feel as though I was searching for things to use my points on and then I still didn't use them all?? I made a big batch of spicy tomato and butternut soup (0pps) so thats lunch sorted tomorrow :)

Food Diary - 29/06/2011

2x Weetabix 3pp
142ml S/S Milk 2pp
Banana 0pp

WW Carrot & Lentil Soup 2pp
150g New potatoes 3pp
2 Clementines 0pp

WW Shepherds Pie 6pp
Brocoli 0pp
Cauliflower 0pp

2 Bananas 0pp
180g Olives 5pp
Clementines (lots!) 0pp
Mini Bag Haribo 2pp
6 Jaffa Cakes 6pp
Splash Milk (for tea to wash down jaffa cakes!) 1pp

Dailies 30/43
Weeklies 0/49
Food Diary 30/06/11:

2 Weetabix 3pp
142ml s/s milk 2pp

Homemade Soup 0pp
2 Slice Seeded Bread 8pp

Dinner -
250g chicken breast 6pp
Mushrooms 0pp
Korma Sauce 6pp
Poppadums 10pp

1 Jaffa Cake 1pp
Cheesestring 2pp
90g Olives 3pp

41/43 Dailies
0/49 Weeklies
0/6 APP


Silver Member
Hi Claire, welcome to minimins ...good luck on your weight loss journey anything you need help with just ask everyone here is a fantastic help ..just be careful of your fruit after 5 portions you have to point it I'm not sure ny how much but if you get a chance read Carlylanky's diary and Carly will tell you ....a fountain of knowledge is our Carly ....look forward to reading more x
thanks I didn't know you had to point after 5 portions of fruit - I eat loads of it!!
Food Diary 01/07/11 -

2 Weetabix 3pp
142ml s/s Milk 2pp
1 Apple 0pp

WW Veg Soup 3pp
1 Slice bread 2pp
Banana 0pp

80g Pasta (dry) 8pp
WW Mozzarella & Rocket Pasta Sauce (1/2 Jar) 2pp
1 Slice WW Malted Danish 1pp

4 Clementines 0pp
2 WW Caramel Wafers 3pp
Pink & Whites 8pp (oops didn't mean to eat all of them!)
Blueberries 0pp
Galia Melon 0pp
20 Olives 2pp

34/43 Dailies
0/49 Weeklies

I learnt something new today - just because something is 1pp doesn't mean you can have 10 for 10pp etc. Pink'n'Whites a 1pp each but after eating a pack of 6, and adding my 2 WW caramel wafers on the WW Website which came out as 3pp which confused me! I used my calculator to work out the whole pack of P&Ws and its 8pp not 6pp as I thought :(. Glad I learnt this now otherwise I could have been going over my points.


I need chocolate now!!!
Oh thanks for letting us know about the Pink&Whites Claire! I usually stick to one of them but handy to know the whole pack is 8pps in case I get a huge sugar craving. It is annoying the way a food can be I pp if you eat just one but 3pps if you eat two. So if I eat one slice of bread for breakfast at 2pp and another slice at supper, does that mean I should track the bread as 4pps or 5pps? Confusing.

Keep up the good work Claire!


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two slices of bread is 5pp and 2 jaffa cakes is 3pp's I know its very confusing but if you have the calculator then you have to enter the amounts in the muliples that your eating ie if you have 4 jaffa cakes then you enter the protein x 4 etc that will give you a more accurate answer ...hope this helps ..... It's quite unfair really I think I'm being good then when I check it more points are gone ....which leaves less for my wine lol x
thanks jem i'm on to them now, sneaky little propoints!
Food Diary 02/07/11

Mango & Passion fruit yogurt 3pp
Banana 0pp
Apple 0pp

Olives 2pp
1 slice WW malted danish bread 1pp

Lentil Dahl 9pp
3 slice WW malted danish bread 4pp
2 clementines 0pp

4 Pink'n'whites 5pp
6 Jaffa Cakes 8pp
2 clementines 0pp
60g olives 2pp

34/43 dailies
0/49 weeklies
Food Diary - 3/7/11

2 Weetabix 3pp
142ml Semi-Skimmed Milk 2pp
1 Banana 0pp

Lunch: (ate out so guessing pp :confused:, it wasn't a large potato and there wasn't an awful lot of beans and cheese!)
Jacket Potato 8pp
Baked Beans 5pp
Salad 0pp
Cheese 5pp

Basmati Rice (60g dry) 6pp
Chicken (leg 1/4) 7pp
Salad 0pp
Boiled potatoes (150g) 3pp

Clementines 0pp
Smoothie (made with 125 ml fruit juice) 1pp
Raw Cauliflower 0pp
2 WW Toffee Yogs 2pp

42/43 Dailies
0/49 Weeklies
All looking good :) here to follow x
Hi jem, things are going well but I haven't had time to write up my food diary lately. I'll put up todays in the morning then hopefully can get back to doing it daily. I have been staying within my points, although because i've been busy I've not had time to eat them all! and I haven't used any of my weeklies yet. Hope things are good with you x


I need chocolate now!!!
Hi Claire, how are you going with pro points? Keep the diary going.
Hi Ellen, I was just reading about your meal out the other day sounds delicious!!! I've been in and out of the hospital all week visiting my sister so haven't had time for the diary, although i've written everything in my tracker, i'll get back to it from tomorrow. I'm getting on well with the propoints - it's a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I'm hoping to lose 3lbs this week to get my first half stone. Hope things are going well for you x x
Looking forward to seeing ur diary ;) hugs! X
Food Diary - 10/07/11

2 Shredded Wheat 4pp
142 ml s/s milk 2pp
Banana 0pp

Ate out so guessing points
Chicken & Cheese Salad 15pp

Light Choices Steamed Fish Meal 8pp
2 WW yogurts 2pp

4 squares chocolate 4pp
Cherries 0pp
Apricots 0pp
Apple 0pp
Tin Rice Pudding 12pp

42/42 Dailies
5/49 Weeklies
Looks nice :) xx

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