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Claire's SF Diary

Hello everyone,

Quick history on me -

Started CD last yr, lost about 3.5 stone in 4 months. Then transferred to Atkins and lost another stone or so. Managed to keep fairly steady over Xmas, my Bday etc. Started a new course for a new job in Feb this year and dieting basically got thrown out the window as it's so impractical when driving for 2hrs a day to training, doing odd hours at times and staying away from home from time to time also.

I've put about 1.5 stones back on since beginning the course in Feb and feel horrid for it. I feel lethargic, heavy and fairly unattractive in some respects. I'd go back onto CD given half the choice as it restricts me so much. If i have an inch, i'll take the mile, if you know what i mean?! I tried getting back onto the Atkins wagon but really struggle with the time to prepare meals etc which you really need for atkins and also staying away from home and travelling don't really lend themselves to prepared food.

So, here I am on SF. I've done it a couple of times and liked the results, albeit I only did it v.short term.

Today -

Breakfast - SF raspberry shake
Snack - Strawberries
Dinner - SF berries bar
Snack - Grapes
Tea - Chicken portions done in oven with green salad n salad cream, couple spoons of icecream

Drinks - 1.5l sugarfree squash, 2 small coffees, 1 tea

I welcome any advice from anyone and look forward to speaking to you all :D Feel free to ask any Q's...

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hi claire. welcome to slim fast. i came here from atkins too. and like you atkins was too much hassle with all the cooking, rather expensive with all the meat, restricting in foods and i had the perment squits on it!
i cant fault slim fast at all. it is great. i have had bad days but i still manage to lose weight. not stalled once 'yet'.
i wish you good luck on your slim fast journey and im sure you will do great :D
Hi Claire, welcome to SF, well done on your weight loss so far, youve obviously tried very hard!!hopefully slim fast will fit in with your life a bit better, it so easy and flexible i cant see it not, ive only been doing it a week and cant fault it at all!

good luck x
Hello, thanks for the replies both of you :) Lovely to be made to feel welcome!

Have had a good day today, mega busy with work. Been working out in the sunshine all day which was lovely but soooo hot n sweaty! (Down to the kit).

Today -

Breakfast - SF Banana shake
Dinner - SF berries bar
Snack - Strawberries + grapes (no time to have a morning break)
Tea - Chicken fajitas - 700kcals ish (bit over i know but sweated buckets today so hoping it wont be too bad)

Drinks - 1 large tea with breakfast, 1.5l sugar free squash, 0.5l water


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hiya welcome to slimfast im sure you will be able to fit it in your hectic lifestyle, what is it you do for a job if you dont mind me asking


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now the down to the kit makes sense to me lol, hectic job


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thats all that counts is that you enjoy it at least it must help keeping you fit
Unfortunately not an awful lot of time to do fitness as the law side of things has been very jammed in! But hope to get back on top of things in 3 weeks once im outta training :)
Just realised i can have 3 snacks a day rather than the 2 i thought it was, lol. So at least the extra 100kcals in my tea are covered now :) That's cheered me up! Also found the 100kcal snack sticky - how v.useful!! :) I'm not a massive fruit lover, i'm trying to have some each day though and so far i've only had fruit for my snacks but at least now i know i can try other things too.
maybe it be a good idea to try the ready prepared fruit i love it mysle fmuch easier than normal fruit lol is about the only time i eat fruit i have to say as i hate seeds and hate preparing the fruit for me to eat
hi claire, my daughter is going to be a pc. well, she is hoping to if she passes her exams :8855:
yes as kazzy said the ready made potted/tub of fruit is much tastier than just eating an apple on its own! maybe a bit more expensive but worth it
hey ladies :) thanks for the msgs again :) love logging in and seeing if i have mail haha.

i tend to do the pre-done fruit sometimes, especially as i can be so pushed for time. luckily with a fair amount of fruit in season, i can choose things that are easy to grab n run so to speak.

today has been another positive day and i'm fairly certain my work trousers are feeling ever so slightly looser... maybe that's just me or even a placebo but hey! time will tell on mon morning's wi!

today -

breakfast - SF forest fruits shake
snack - large banana
dinner - SF berries bar
snack - strawberries and raspberries
tea - chicken fajitas again (2 boxes of ready done from MnS for £6)
snack - 1 apricot

drinks - large mug tea for breakfast, 1.5l sugar free squash, 1 cappucino at work (had a migraine this morning and tend to find caffeine helps sometimes), 1 small tea
Today -

Breakfast - SF banana shake
Snack - Banana
Dinner - Quavers, SF berries bar
Snack - Raspberries n grapes
Tea - King prawn stirfry

Drinks - Large mug tea, 1.5l squash, 1 small tea, 1 small capuccino


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good luck for monday mornings weigh in, i wont be here till tuesday to see how uve done so i hope its a good loss
Hey hun, thanks for your message! So sweet of you to remember!

Well I half stuck to plan over the weekend. I had the shakes and bars for breakfast and dinner but had a bbq at my parents house sat night which would have gone over n also had sunday roast at theirs yesterday which in itself wouldnt be too bad but we had berry crumble for pudding made with splenda rather than sugar.

But here are the results!!

-3lbs :D

I'm really pleased with that and encouraged to carry on.

So today -

Breakfast - SF raspberry shake
Snack - Wotsits
Dinner - SF berries bar
Snack - Mix of strawberries, grapes and blueberries
Tea - Homemade meatballs, wholewheat pasta n a tomato, chilli n garlic sauce

Drinks - 1 mug coffee, 1.5l squash, 1 small coffee

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